Approved Driver List

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Note: Drivers of fifteen passenger vans must also appear on the van training list.

Driver Department Approval Expiration Date
Abouzied, Magdy A. Dining 06/30/2021
Adamczak, Jane Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Alday, Paul Wesley Media and Communication 08/31/2021
Allen, Courtney Renee BGSU Dining 02/28/2022
Allen, James Campus operations 02/28/2022
Alt, Andrew W. BGSU 04/30/2022
Anderson, Drew Dining services 09/30/2021
Andre, Perry Keith Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Aniol, Sara BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Ansted, Paul David Office of Residence Life 05/31/2021
Ansted, Paul David Office of Residence Life/BGSU 05/31/2022
Arellano Maya, Cesar BGSU dining 09/30/2021
Ayers, Matthew Gregory Campus Operations 01/31/2022
Baldonado, Delia campus op. 08/31/2021
Ballard, Christopher BGSU Rec & Wellness 11/30/2021
Balser, Jon Michael Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Balster, Brad BGSU Post Office 01/31/2022
Barr, Tina Marie Custodian/Campus Op 02/28/2022
Barrett, Jacob Charles Men¿s Basketball 03/31/2022
Basden, Lindee Campus Operations 09/09/2021
Bateson, Steven Lee campus operations 10/31/2021
Beale, Jonah Christian Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Beamer, Joseph Campus Ops 08/31/2021
Beaverson, Dave w. BGSU Dining Services / Chartwe 03/31/2022
Bechstein, Jeremy grounds 08/31/2021
Bechstein, Kurt ITS 08/31/2021
Bell, Joyce Elaine campus operation 02/28/2022
Bell, Michael Allen campus ops 06/30/2021
Berg, Aaron Nicholas Grounds 02/28/2022
Berger, Margaret Maria Budget & Operations/Firelands 05/31/2022
Berger, Margaret Maria Budget & Operations/Firelands 05/31/2021
Berry, Jaxon Ray Grounds/Recycling 09/30/2021
Bingman, Verner P. Psychology 03/31/2022
Blackburn, Brianna Marketing & Communications 12/31/2021
Bockbrader , Lucas Sports Medicine 06/30/2021
Bolick, Dylan Michael Campus Operations 09/30/2021
Boone, Steven Elbert Theatre and Film 06/30/2021
Borders, Robb Allen Building Maintenance/ Campus Operations 06/30/2021
Borders, Tina Marie NTMSS 06/30/2021
Boron, Michaek Campus Ops 01/31/2022
Boucher, Robert J. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION 08/31/2021
Boyer, Zackary Ryan Campus Operations 10/31/2021
Brand, Mark Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Brashear, Virginia K. Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Brokaw, Jonathan Michael Department of Biological Sciences 01/31/2022
Brossart, Benjamin M. Dining 10/31/2021
Brossart, Benjamin Michael Grounds Department 05/31/2022
Brown, Ana C. Office of Multicultural Affairs 08/31/2021
Brown, Katelyn Biological Sciences 06/30/2021
Brown, Michael Allyn MEP/ Campus operations 12/31/2021
Brusoe, Lindsey Rose Planning, Design & Construction 03/31/2022
Buchanan, Jacob Douglas Biological Sciences 03/31/2022
Buchholz, Seth David Biological Sciences Department 06/30/2021
Buehrer, Todd A. Campus ops 02/28/2022
Bullard, Richard Laurence Campus Operations/Heat Plant 02/28/2022
Bullerjahn, George Shepley Biological Sciences 09/30/2021
Burns, Timothy Micah Recycling/Grounds 09/30/2021
Butler, Kyle ITS 03/31/2022
Caldwell, Doug Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Campbell, Seth Adam BGSU Firelands 02/28/2022
Carden, Deborah Janet BGSU Firelands 05/31/2021
Carden, Deborah Janet BGSU Firelands Academic & Career Counseling 05/31/2022
Carper, Chad BGSU Dining by Chartwells 03/31/2022
Carter, Kristy Faye BGSU Dinning 08/31/2021
Carvacho, Ricardo Augusto ITS 08/31/2021
Casey, Megan Laughlin Postal Services 08/31/2021
Castillo, Thomas Javier THFM 10/31/2021
Cavanaugh, Kimberly Joyce Campus Ops/ Custodial 01/31/2022
Centers, Megan Joanne RAAM 10/31/2021
Cesare, Liane BGSU Dining/Chartwells 09/30/2021
Chafee, Cheryl L. BGSU Firelands 09/30/2021
Chambers, Benjamin M. Parking Services 08/31/2021
Cheatham, Sarah Elizabeth Athletics/Sports Medicine 09/30/2021
Clement, Donald Lee custodil 07/31/2021
Closen, Kyle Humanities 06/30/2021
Clune, Erin E. Postal Services 08/31/2021
Clutter, Mason Lee Logistics 03/31/2022
Codding, Charles Lee Chemistry 09/30/2021
Coffield, Darin Richard Campus Operations 07/31/2021
Columber, Christopher Robert Campus Operations 07/31/2021
Colvin, Wayne S. ITS 07/31/2021
Compton, Bernadette Michelle Athletics- Women¿s Soccer 01/31/2022
Coppes, Danielle Leigh Athletics-Sports Medicine 07/31/2021
Coulson, Robert Dean Police Department 06/30/2021
Craig, William ITS 08/31/2021
Crespo, Jeremiah BGSU Dining Services 02/28/2022
Crimmins, Eric John ITS 01/31/2022
Crouse, Daniel Owen Campus operations 11/30/2021
Crow, David Allen Campus Operations - MEP Department 08/31/2021
Crow, Mark Edward campus Operation 07/31/2021
Cummings, Thomas Patrick WBGU 07/31/2021
Cunningham, Alexis BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Cusenza, Vincent Postal Services 08/31/2021
Dachik, James Paul Theatre and Film 09/30/2021
Dalmacio, Stephanie M. Athletics- Women's Tennis 01/31/2022
Davis, Jeremy BGSU Police - Student Safety Services 03/31/2022
Davis, Timothy Walter Biological Sciences 12/31/2021
Dean, Jason Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Decker, Joseph A. ITS/CTS 09/30/2021
DeFazio, Tracy Michelle Student Engagement 09/30/2021
DeMarco, Jonathan R. Biology 04/30/2022
Depinet, Andrea E. Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Dick, Jeremy Edward Risk Management 04/30/2022
Dickey, Carole Ann Campus Operations 11/30/2021
Dickman, Craig Campus Operations 11/30/2021
Diller, Cynthia Susan Postal Services 01/31/2022
Dix, Joshua R. Police Dept. 04/30/2022
Dolan, Andrew J. Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Doles, Kurt Edward Musical Arts 01/31/2022
Dotson, Anthony Earl Police Dept. 02/28/2022
Dotts, Jeannine Marie BGSU Dining 08/31/2021
Drapcho, Robert Firelands Admissions 02/28/2022
Dudley, Tina GROUNDS 02/28/2022
Dunbar, Gabe Nontraditional & Military Student Services 07/31/2021
Easterwood, Sarah A. Campus Opperation 08/31/2021
Eberly, Emily Ann Painting, Campus Ops 10/31/2021
Echler, Doyle J. Dining Services 03/31/2022
Ehlers, Colby Michael Campus Operations/ Grounds 02/28/2022
Elsasser, James R. Athletics 01/31/2022
Engels, Kimberly Jo Chemistry stockroom 08/31/2021
Enright, Patrick ITS 01/31/2022
Erdogmus, Abdullah Can International Programs and Partnerships 04/30/2022
Errington, Meredith BGSU 02/28/2022
Estrada, Doralinda R. Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Evans, Kathryn Center for Public Impact 10/31/2021
Farstvedt, Brian Alexander WBGU-PBS 04/30/2022
Fintel, Mason Campus Operations 01/31/2022
Fintel, Rose Lynn Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Firsdon, Michael J. ITS 05/31/2021
Fischer, Daniel ICA - Sports Medicine 07/31/2021
Fitzpatrick, Kiana Marie Design and Construction 04/30/2022
Foos, Jill Campus Services 04/30/2022
Fousek, Justin Daniel BGSU ITS 11/30/2021
Franks, Michael Dean Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Fretenborough, Paul Josiah Campus Services 05/31/2021
Fulk, Brett Matthew Parking Services 04/30/2022
Gacsal, Kathleen Rose Dining 10/31/2021
galvan, manuela custodian/campus op 02/28/2022
Gangwer, Robert Campus Operations 09/30/2021
Gardner, Caroline Anne Grounds 04/30/2022
Gargac, April Postal Services 08/31/2021
Garimella, Sairam Grounds 08/31/2021
Garno, Sharlynn Campus Operations 06/30/2021
Garrett, Tyra BGSU Dining 10/31/2021
Gebauer, Jodi ITS 07/31/2021
Gerhardt, Angela Campus Operations 03/31/2022
Gilbert, Gregory S. ITS 08/31/2021
Gilchrist, Brandon Michael Campus ops 02/28/2022
Gilders, Betsy Campus Operations 10/31/2021
Gildon, James Athletics 08/31/2021
Glass, Trent Lucas Campus Police - Student Safety Services 02/28/2022
Goedde, Erin C. Office of Facilities Information 07/31/2021
Goffe, Ronald Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Gomezdelcampo, Enrique SEES 09/30/2021
Gorsevski, Pece SEES 08/31/2021
Gottschalk, Kayla Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Gottschalk, Kayla Marie Custodial - Campus Ops 10/31/2021
Graham III, Larry D. campus operations 02/28/2022
Grant, Kenneth Edwin Postal Services 08/31/2021
Graver, Cody Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Graver, Cody Robert Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Greaux, Xavier S. BGSU - Residence Life 08/31/2021
Greene, Austin Parking Services 08/31/2021
Greer, David Michael Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Griffith, Janet Lyn Dinning Services 10/31/2021
Griner, Kimberly Risk Management 07/31/2021
Grulke, Jennifer Bowling Green State University 08/31/2021
Gump, Donald E. campus operations 04/30/2022
Guy, Venessa L. Kreischer Market 10/31/2021
Gwozdz, Kenny ITS 11/30/2021
Haase, Christopher Athletics 02/28/2022
Hackworth, Donna Jay custodial 02/28/2022
Hafner, Nicholas J. campus ops 04/30/2022
Hahn, Ashley Marie Parking Services 10/31/2021
Hall, Tracy Gladys Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Hallock, Kyle T. Athletics 03/31/2022
Hamman, Amy K. ITS 08/31/2021
Hammer, Eric Edwin 309 01/31/2022
Hammersmith, Lenee Ann Chapman Learning Community 09/30/2021
Hammersmith, Timothy Lynn Campus Operation 09/30/2021
Hammond, Ben ITS 03/31/2022
Handley, Joshua Samuel BGSU Dining Admin 01/31/2022
Harper, Jennifer Biological Sciences 05/31/2022
Harris, Matthew Patrick Dining Services 10/31/2021
Harvey, Patrick Campus Operations 10/31/2021
Hayden, Heather Dawn BGSU DIning 08/31/2021
Haynes, June Armstrong Firelands - Humanities 09/30/2021
Haynes, Munirah BGSU Dining Services 09/30/2021
Heilmeier, James Eric Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Heller, Ivy Madalyn-Rose 1998 09/30/2021
Hemmelgarn, Lauren Elizabeth Postal Services 01/31/2022
Hensley, Nathan Stewart Bowling Green State University 09/30/2021
Hernandez, Amy Joann Campus Operations 09/30/2021
Hernandez, Johnnie Dining 01/31/2022
Hernandez , Abelia Custodian 05/31/2021
Hess, Christine A. Biolgical Sciences 08/31/2021
Hester, Mark Daniel Campus Operations 09/30/2021
Hetrick, Rachel Elizabeth Dining Services 08/31/2021
Hill, Carl Campus Operations 06/30/2021
Hill, Gabrielle Marie ITS 10/31/2021
Himelhan, Joel Thomas Campus Services Grounds 02/28/2022
Hines, Marci Renee BGSU Dining- Compass 10/31/2021
Hofacker, Keith W. BGSU 09/30/2021
Hofacker, Robin Anita Chartwells BGSU 09/30/2021
Holden, Brett Edward Office of the Provost/Chapman Learning Community 10/31/2021
Holland, Tenille Starr campus operations 02/28/2022
Hollinger, David BGSU Student Recreation Center 09/30/2021
Hooper, Benjamin Center For Regional Development 09/30/2021
Howard, Robert Keith Postal Services 08/31/2021
Howard, Ryan Michael Classroom Technology Services 10/31/2021
Huff, Debra Sue Postal Services 02/28/2022
Huyghe, Bess Environmental Health and Safety 01/31/2022
Jackson, Noah Benjamin Information Technology Service 08/31/2021
Jackson, Reginald Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Jallad, Britney Lorane BGSU Police Department 08/31/2021
James, Joshua Stephen Information Technology Services 03/31/2022
Johnson, Dillon BGSU Department of Theatre and Film 09/30/2021
Johnson, Erica Sue campus Operations 02/28/2022
Johnson, Joshua A. Campus Operations 12/31/2021
Johnson, Myong S. campus operations 02/28/2022
Johnson, Nathan Andrew Grounds 02/28/2022
Johnson, Nicholas Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Jones, Andy Robert Campus Ops 02/28/2022
Jones-Banks, DeVante T. Bgsu Dining 09/30/2021
Karches, Jennifer WBGU-PBS 09/30/2021
Kaufman, Ryan Matthew Campus Operations 03/31/2022
Keefe, Matthew Public Safety 01/31/2022
Keegan, Erin Edward Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Keller, Henry BGSU Postal Services 09/30/2021
Kellow, Morgan Elise ITS 08/31/2021
Kendall, Cynthia Ann CAMPUS OPERATIONS 02/28/2022
Kendall, Stephen Neil WBGU-TV 03/31/2022
Kern, Jacob Gregory Operations (Sustainability) 10/31/2021
Kiehl, Paula R. Campus Operations 03/31/2022
King, Harley David Athletics 01/31/2022
Kinshaw, Robert campus operations 02/28/2022
Kirkpatrick, Alan ITS 02/28/2022
Kirkum, James ITS 07/31/2021
Kiskin, Heidi Patricia Campus Operations 10/31/2021
Kizhakethalackal, Elsy Thomas Applied Sciences, BGSU Firelands 05/31/2022
KIZHAKETHALACKAL, ELSY THOMAS Bowling Green State University 05/31/2021
Klein, Jacob Micheal CAMPUS OPERATION 02/28/2022
Klohn , Leonard Emerson maintenance 04/30/2022
Koehler, Lydia Rose WBGU-TV 08/31/2021
Kopunek, Nate T. Athletics - Men's Soccer 01/31/2022
Kruse-Shultz, Nancy B. Campus Operations 05/31/2021
Kuch, Kaitlyn WBGU 09/30/2021
Kuhlman, Megan Police Department 10/31/2021
Lamb, Joshua s. WBGU-PBS 10/31/2021
Lang, Diane S. dining service 07/31/2021
Lanning, Amy S. School of Earth, Environment & Society 10/31/2021
Laurer, Elizabeth McKamy Humanities 01/31/2022
Layman, Andrew Michael Information Technology Services, Asset Management 02/28/2022
Layne, Gary D. Recreation and Wellness 11/30/2021
Lemmerbrock, Daniel W. Design and Construction 01/31/2022
Lisk, Patrick Ryan Information Technology Services 09/30/2021
Little, Justin Michael Information Technology Services 11/30/2021
Lizzi, Scott Alan Firelands Budget and Operations 07/31/2021
Lovelace, Kimberly Anjeanette Campus Operations 05/31/2021
Luken, Emma Elisabeth Information Technology Services 02/28/2022
Lung, Joshua Tyler IT 05/31/2021
Lyons, Matthew Paul Dining Services 12/31/2021
Maciejewski, Evelyn Marie BGSU Biological Sciences 03/31/2022
MacKeigan, DeAnna Miah WBGU-TV 12/31/2021
Major, Troy Allan campus ops 02/28/2022
Mangan, Daniel Theatre & Film 01/31/2022
Mangan, Kelly Ann-Wiegant Theatre and Film 09/30/2021
Mapus, Chad Police 04/30/2022
Marentette, Emily Elizabeth Theatre and Film scene shop 02/28/2022
Martinez, Amancio L. Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Mason, Jessica Ann BGSU Catering 12/31/2021
Mason, Robert Todd Parking 02/28/2022
Mayo, Teresa Campus Operations 11/30/2021
Mbuthia, Kamau Biological Sciences 08/31/2021
McDonald, Rebecca S. campus ops 02/28/2022
McGinley, Tracy Firelands/NSS/Criminal Justice 09/30/2021
McGraw, Brooke Ginley BGSU Firelands - Budget & Operations Office 11/30/2021
McIntosh, Jacqueline S. Firelands Teaching and Learning Center 12/31/2021
McKenzie, Julia Lynne campus operations 02/28/2022
McKindley, Mason Scott grounds 02/28/2022
Melisko, Kathy BGSU Dining Services _ Chartwells 09/30/2021
Melter, Emma Rose BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Menard, Richard Office of the Provost 10/31/2021
Meyer, Daniel BGSU Athletics 03/31/2022
Meyer Jr., Dennis Michael custodial \ campus operations 08/31/2021
Michaels, Helen Judith Biological Sciences 08/31/2021
Midden, William Robert Chemistry 01/31/2022
Miesmer, Darcy Marie Dining Services 10/31/2021
Miesmer, David R. campus operations 10/31/2021
Miller, Derek Football - Department of Athletics 01/31/2022
Milner, Kyle Patrick BGSU Men's Soccer 01/31/2022
Miner, Jeffrey Gibson Biological Sciences 03/31/2022
Mitchell, Adriann Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Mitchell, John Keipfer Department of Public Safety 03/31/2022
Moore, Paul Bowling Green state university 06/30/2021
Moosbrugger, Robert F. Athletics 10/31/2021
Morningstar, Rebecca Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Mueller, Evelyn Sue Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Mummey, Jadyn Leo Campus Dining 10/31/2021
Murray, Meghan A. WBGU-PBS 04/30/2022
Myers, Clay Dennis BGSU Police 08/31/2021
Myers, Laika Leanne Department of Theatre and Film 10/31/2021
Nagaj, Bryce ITS 09/30/2021
Nagel, David Erik Campus operations 02/28/2022
Nathan, Jacqueline S. School of Art 01/31/2022
Natiello, Anthony Richard Postal Services 08/31/2021
Naugle, Lori Anne Falcon Outfitters 05/31/2022
Naugle, Lori Anne Falcon Outfitters 05/31/2021
Neal, Alexandra Biological Scienes 09/30/2021
Nekoranec, Douglas MEP 02/28/2022
Nelsen, Mackenzie Athletics - Stroh Center 09/30/2021
Nelson, Patrick Anthony Bowling Green State University 05/31/2021
Nemire, Mark R. Police 04/30/2022
Neudeck, Michelle Joan Biological Sciences 06/30/2021
Neves, Kevin Biological Sciences 08/31/2021
Nichols , Eric William Athletics 01/31/2022
Nowakowski, Bryan J. mep 02/28/2022
Nungester, Emily Kaye Design and Construction 04/30/2022
Nydegger, Eric Edward Campus Operations Recycling 08/31/2021
O'Dell, Cindy Wyn custodial 03/31/2022
O'Donnell, Suzanne Marie Biological Sciences 04/30/2022
O'Halloran, Michael Campus Operations 08/31/2021
O'leary, April Mae camps operation 02/28/2022
Olberding, Gabriel M. Campus Operations 09/30/2021
Olds, Jared Grounds 01/31/2022
ONeil, Maureen Anne Dining 09/30/2021
Orwig jr, Frank W. campus operations 07/31/2021
Oster, Alyssa Campus Operations - Grounds 01/31/2022
Osterling, Karen Janine BGSU Firelands Office of the Dean 09/30/2021
Owens, Ethan Anthony Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Pack, Robert Budget and Operations 05/31/2021
Pall, Ryan Douglass Bowling Green State University 03/31/2022
Palmerton, William Charles campus operations 10/31/2021
Panter, Kurt Bowling Green State University 02/28/2022
Papp, Paul EM 08/31/2021
Parise, Gianni Bowling Green State University Parking Serivces 04/30/2022
Parkins, Mallory Parking Services 08/31/2021
Parks, Chloe Recycling/Grounds 09/30/2021
Parsons, Shawn Phillip ITS 08/31/2021
Partin, Matthew L. Biological Sciences 11/30/2021
Patalita, Jules Marcel Forensics and Debate team 08/31/2021
Paxton, Gabrielle Diane Office of Planning, Design & Construction 08/31/2021
Payne, Benjamin Clayton ITS 01/31/2022
Peeples, Bradley James Campus Operation 02/28/2022
Peeples, Jeanette Michelle Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Perales, Lucy N/A Custodial 01/31/2022
Perrin, Antonio Cesar BGSU Dining 10/31/2021
Perry, Karen Dinning service 06/30/2021
Plath, Debra Dunkin 08/31/2021
Plucinski, Madison P. Office Assistant 08/31/2021
Poma, Nicholas Malcom Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Powers, John Athletics 03/31/2022
Puder, Carol Marie Applied Sciences, Firelands 08/31/2021
Queen, Steven Wilson life 08/31/2021
Radabaugh, Joshua Charles ITS 06/30/2021
Rainey, Leonardo Dewayne Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Ralston, Bryan L. BGSU markets 10/31/2021
Ramirez, Michael Campus Ops 10/31/2021
Randall, Kyle ITS 10/31/2021
Rave, Nestor R. BGSU Firelands Library 12/31/2021
Ravichandran, Swathi Resort and Attraction Management 07/31/2021
Reitzel, David John Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Rembielak, Matt Athletics/Baseball 01/31/2022
Rettig, Jarret Fire and Life Safety 12/31/2021
Reynolds, Susan Kay Dining 06/30/2021
Rhamy, Darbee Eileen Campus Police- Student Safety Services 02/28/2022
Rice, David Michael Nontraditional and Military Student Services 09/30/2021
Riffle, Marissa Jo Dining Services 08/31/2021
Rissler, Scott Davis BGSU Athletics 01/31/2022
Rizziello, John Joseph campus operations 02/28/2022
Roach, David Michael Biology 03/31/2022
Robbins Jr, Richard postal services 05/31/2022
Robertson, Shamir Cheyenne Campus Police- Student Safety Services 11/30/2021
Rockow, Michelle Dorene Chartwells BGSU Catering 08/31/2021
Rooze, Brandon Athletics 07/31/2021
Rose, Scott E. CAMPUS OPERATIONS 02/28/2022
Rosser, Virginia J. Center for Public Impact 05/31/2021
Rosser, Virginia Jane Center for Public Impact/VPREE 05/31/2022
Rotruck, Halle Lynn Campus Operations 10/31/2021
Rozelle, Austin BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Rubel, Matthew John Campus Operations 03/31/2022
Rumschlag, Eric Dustin energy management 02/28/2022
Rupert, Jordan James BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Rush, Amanda Marie BGSU Dining 11/30/2021
Rutter, Thomas Environmental Health and Safety 05/31/2021
Sabo, Kiley Nichole Information Technology Services (ITS) 02/28/2022
Sams, Breanna Jean Market/ Dining 08/31/2021
Sams, Pamela Jean dining services 09/30/2021
Sanchez-Vigil, Viviana BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Saul, Alessia Christina Biological Sciences 06/30/2021
Savitt, Phil BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Schabel, Jacob Michael Campus Ops, Grounds 09/30/2021
Schemenauer, Frank A. Biological Sciences 08/31/2021
Schmidt, Nicole K. BGSU Dining 07/31/2021
Schriner, Jacob ITS 11/30/2021
Schuessler, Michael Allen Planning , Design & Construction 11/30/2021
Schulze, Gavin Thomas Grounds 08/31/2021
Schwamberger, Michele Office of Residence Life 03/31/2022
Sears, John Adam Information Technology Services 08/31/2021
Seevers, Mariah A. BGSU Office of Design and Construction 08/31/2021
Segaard, Susan Jean ITS 06/30/2021
Sentel, Zachary Information Technology Services 11/30/2021
Serfozo, Lois BGSU Dining 02/28/2022
Shaheen, Amal Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Shaner, Stephen F. Police Department 08/31/2021
Shank, Angela Marie Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Shay, Ryan Athletics 03/31/2022
Shepard, Mary beth campus operations 08/31/2021
Shirley, Anne R. Campus operations 02/28/2022
Shuai, Sydney Career Center 10/31/2021
Sickler, Bradley D. Campus Operations 10/31/2021
Sickler, Stephanie Risk Mgmt 01/31/2022
Siegwarth, Maximilian Carl Parking Services 08/31/2021
Sigman, Bailee Renee Catering 03/31/2022
Simmons, Charles R. campus operation 10/31/2021
Simmons, Michelle L. Provost's Office 09/30/2021
Simon, Allison P. Parking Services 08/31/2021
Simon, Tina WBGU-TV 09/30/2021
Simons, Anita F. Campus Operations 01/31/2022
Slovin, Grant Sports Medicine 09/30/2021
Smith, Joseph ITS 03/31/2022
Smith, Sara Nicole International Programs & Partnerships 04/30/2022
Smucker, April Marie Capital Planning/ Campus Operations 07/31/2021
Snapp, Evan Center for Public Impact 10/31/2021
Snelling V, Louis Raymond Athletics 01/31/2022
Snyder, Jeffrey SEES 08/31/2021
Snyder, Kacee Ferrell Center for Women and Gender Equity 09/30/2021
Snyder-carpenter, Jessica Kiley Campus operations 03/31/2022
Sockrider, Tanya Kay Dining 12/31/2021
Solis, Alex D. Office of the President 11/30/2021
Soto, Carlos Daniel SEES 09/30/2021
Southerland, Aaron Starbucks 01/31/2022
St. Louis, Matthew James Intercollegiate Athletics 11/30/2021
Stewart, John Allen BGSU Police 04/30/2022
Stichler, Jillian Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Stone, Matt G. Campus Operations 10/31/2021
Stott, Nathan Daniel Biology Bowling Green State Univesity 02/28/2022
Strayer, Morghan Janette Parking Services 08/31/2021
Stringfield, Andrew Dining Services 10/31/2021
Sugg, Brooke Elizabeth BGSU Dining 09/30/2021
Summers, Cooper M. WBGU-TV 06/30/2021
Swank, Amy Enrollment Management 10/31/2021
Swartz, Teresa Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Swoap, Suzanne M. bgsu police 09/30/2021
Swope, Brian L. Design and Construction 11/30/2021
Tatham, Allen T. Campus Operations 06/30/2021
Tatum, Jermany R. Dining Services 01/31/2022
Teepen, Sean Athletics 01/31/2022
Telles, Lois Ellen Campus Operation 05/31/2021
Thiede, Grant Postal Services 08/31/2021
Thomas, Keith Information Technology Services 01/31/2022
Thompson, Christa Catherine campus op 02/28/2022
Thompson, Michael J. Kriescher Market BGSU Dining 02/28/2022
Thublin, Rebecca Noel Biological Sciences 10/31/2021
Tomins, Alyssa Kristine BGSU Center for Public Impact 10/31/2021
Torres, Coltilde (tila) M. Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Toth, Chris BGSU 08/31/2021
Toth, Mary Patricia Chemistry 06/30/2021
Tressler, Richard Compass group 08/31/2021
Tron, Austin Christopher Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Trumbull, Brandon James Chemistry Laboratory Stockroom 01/31/2022
Tyler, Madison Elise Campus Police- Student Safety Services 02/28/2022
Valdez, Paul Center for Public Impact 05/31/2021
Valdiserri, Niklas Athletics 08/31/2021
Van De Bussche, Alexander Bradley Campus Operations 12/31/2021
Van Den Eynde, Sarah Lynn Postal Services 03/31/2022
Van Tatenhove, Megan Athletics 02/28/2022
Vance, Thomas Campus Operations 01/31/2022
VanTress, Jeremy R. Postal Services/Falcon Outfitters 11/30/2021
Varner, Mackenzy Ann BGSU Dining Services / Chartwells 07/31/2021
Vasquez, Michael joseph Campus Operations 02/28/2022
Vasudeva, Rakesh Sathyum campus operations 02/28/2022
Verlin, Trenton Dean Campus Ops 01/31/2022
Vicars, Derrick Athletics 01/31/2022
Villarreal, Matthew Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Voss, Dennis BGSU 02/28/2022
Wade, Mark Douglas Residence Life 09/30/2021
Wagner, Kelsey Ray Campus Operations/Life Safety 01/31/2022
Wagner, Paige A. BGSU Dining 08/31/2021
Wahl, Sharyl Lynn Academic and Career Counseling 11/30/2021
Walker, James Athletics 04/30/2022
Walker, Nicholas J. ITS 09/30/2021
Walls, Stephanie Mora Natural and Social Sciences 12/31/2021
Walton, Jason School of Art/THFM 09/30/2021
Wammes, Katelyn Marie Dining Services 09/30/2021
Warner, Chad Postal Services 01/31/2022
Warnke, Jacob David Athletics - Equipment 08/31/2021
Watkins, Brandon Athletics 07/31/2021
Watson, Gregory Campus Operations 04/30/2022
Watson, Kaitlyn Riley Bgsu Dining 10/31/2021
Wayne, Lisa Lynn WBGU-TV 07/31/2021
Weaver, Jamie D. BGSU dinning 09/30/2021
Weeks, Chloe Dining Services 02/28/2022
Wenglow, John Bowling Green State University Dining 10/31/2021
Wesney, Trishelle Dining Services 03/31/2022
Weymer, Sean Howard Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Wheatley, Julianna Brynn BGSU Dining 10/31/2021
Whitehurst II, Robert N. Athletics - Sports Medicine 08/31/2021
Whitman, Lucas Campus Operation 02/28/2022
Whitman, Lucas Campus Operations 08/31/2021
Widmer, Bret ITS 09/30/2021
Widmer, Elizabeth E. Campus Ops 02/28/2022
Wildschutte, Hans Karl Biological Sciences 03/31/2022
Williams, Delores Campus Comps 02/28/2022
Williams, Maria BGSU Dining 10/31/2021
Wilson, Nicholas T. Postal Services 09/30/2021
Wilt, Lori Annette WBGU-PBS 03/31/2022
Woody, Makayla B. CSO BGSU Police 02/28/2022
Worthington, Diane campus operations 02/28/2022
Wrice, David William Maintenance 12/31/2021
Wright, Steven Athletics 09/30/2021
Wygant, Kelsi Biological Sciences 09/30/2021
Yacobucci, Margaret School of Earth, Environment & Society 08/31/2021
York, Olivia K. Athletics/Sports Medicine 09/30/2021
Young, Branson Scott WBGU-TV 10/31/2021
Youngs, Bradley J. grounds 03/31/2022
Zachrich, Jonathan David BGSU Dining 01/31/2022
Zeigler, Grant David ITS Student Support Services 08/31/2021
Zweizig, Nathan Charles Grounds 09/30/2021