Risk Management

Approved Driver List

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Note: Drivers of fifteen passenger vans must also appear on the van training list.

Driver Department Approval Expiration Date
Blachowski Dreyer, Daria Anne Dining 09/30/2019
Brown , Michael Allyn Plumbing 12/31/2019
Aaron, DaVon ICA-Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Abel, Jack Thomas Mr 09/30/2019
AbouZied, Magdy BGSU Dining 06/30/2020
Adamczak, jane elizabeth campus operations 06/30/2020
Adams, Chandler Stroh center 11/30/2019
Albrecht, Jennifer Lynn WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Alday, Paul Wesley Media & Communication 08/31/2019
Allen, April Rebecca CCCE 11/30/2019
Allen, Courtney Renee BGSU Dining 02/29/2020
Alt, Andrew W. Academic Affairs 04/30/2020
Amato, Michaela Dominique Office of Design and Construction 04/30/2020
Amend, Judith Anne Campus Operations 04/30/2020
Anderson, Brittany Dining Services 10/31/2019
Anderson, Drew Catering 09/30/2019
Anderson, Ian Alfred Biological Life Sciences 09/30/2019
Annis, Matthew Dining Services - Catering 07/31/2019
Ansel, Adrienne Nicole Recreation & Wellness 05/31/2020
Ansted, Paul David Office of Residence Life 05/31/2020
Apicella, Jonathan David 1999 09/30/2019
Arakaki, Joel ITS 01/31/2020
Aring, Britni A. BGSU PD 01/31/2020
Arnett, Hunter Shae Movers 09/30/2019
Arny, Dallen Ross Army ROTC 05/31/2020
Arrigo, Michael Todd School of Art 10/31/2019
Ash, Bethany Lynn COSMOS 05/31/2020
Aufderhaar, Emily N. CSO Position 03/31/2020
Austin, Robert Brendon Construction Managment 10/31/2019
Ayers, Karli Lynn Parking Services 08/31/2019
Bachman, Chase M. WBGU-TV 09/30/2019
Baker, Julie K. 1962 07/31/2019
Baker, Julie Kay ITS 07/31/2020
Baker, Shaunessy Marie CCCE america reads 09/30/2019
Bakhaus, Alexzandria Elizebeth CCCE 12/31/2019
Baldonado, Delia Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Ballard, Christopher Loy Recreation and Wellness 11/30/2019
Balser, Jon Michael Campus Operations 04/30/2020
Balster, Bradley John Post Office 02/29/2020
Baraniak, Blake RecWell 10/31/2019
Barber, Eli Ruben Department of the Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2019
Baringer, Jamie Ann Bowling Green State University 09/30/2019
Bashford, Dominic William CCCE 03/31/2020
Beaverson, David W. BGSU Dining 03/31/2020
Bechstein, Jared D. Mail Room 08/31/2019
Bechstein, Jeremy Ivan grounds 08/31/2019
Bechstein, Kurt ITS 05/31/2020
Bell , Gracie Lauren america reads 09/30/2019
Berger, Margaret Maria Budget & Operations - Firelands 05/31/2020
Berry, Kailen ICA- Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Betz, Noah Zacchaeus Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2019
Bierman, Robert Book Depository 08/31/2019
Bingman, Verner P. Bowling Green State University 10/31/2019
Birch, Jessica Elizabeth Bowling Green State University 08/31/2019
Bird, Madison Nicole CCCE 08/31/2019
Bissler, Andrew David Educators Context and Community 03/31/2020
Black, Kristin Marie Information Technology Services 08/31/2019
Bland, KiaLynne Elysia America Reads 05/31/2020
Blankenship, Aerika Nikole America Reads 09/30/2019
Blasko, Cole Geology 08/31/2019
Bodi, Ashley Chyann BGSU Dining 08/31/2019
Bohn, Carolyn Kate BGSU Outdoor Program 06/30/2020
Bollheimer, Lauren Marie America Reads 09/30/2019
Boone, Steven Elbert Dept of Theatre and Film 06/30/2020
Booth, Michaela Aubrey Postal Service 08/31/2019
Borders, Robb Allen Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Borders, Tina Marie Nontraditional & Military Student Services 06/30/2020
Borocki, Megan A. Mail Warehouse 01/31/2020
Botek, Zachary Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Bouchard, Victoria B. ICA-Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Boucher, Robert J. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION 08/31/2019
Boulis, Lee Alan Grounds 10/31/2019
Bowerize, Alycia Beth Dunkin Donuts 11/30/2019
Bowerman, Daniel Joseph grounds campus operations 08/31/2019
Bradam, Macey Presley Theatre and Film 09/30/2019
Brashear, Virginia K. Campus Operation 04/30/2020
Brewer, Coreena Stroh Center 09/30/2019
Brewster, Michael Football 03/31/2020
brodke, michelle haff applied sciences 07/31/2019
Brown, Alissa Sue ECCO 02/29/2020
Brown, Ana C. Bowling Green State University 08/31/2019
Brown, Jacob Athletics/Sports Medicine 06/30/2020
Brown, Leslie Campus Ops 08/31/2019
Brown, Madison Paige Environmental Science 08/31/2019
Bruce, Mary Elizabeth Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2019
Bruce, Raja Akira Arianna CCCE america reads 09/30/2019
Bruning, Mitchell Anthony Dining Service 11/30/2019
Bruning, Robin L. Dining 03/31/2020
Buck, Chloe Ann america reads 09/30/2019
Buehrer , Jolene Kay Humanities/Firelands 07/31/2019
Buening, Jennifer Elizabeth Academic and Career Counseling 02/29/2020
Bueno, Zachary Scott Stroh Center 11/30/2019
Bullard, Richard Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Bullerjahn, George S. Biological Sciences 09/30/2019
Bunyard, Mason Shawn Parking Services 10/31/2019
Burden, Matthew L. Campus Operation 02/29/2020
Burhart, Zachary Edward Outtakes @ KR 10/31/2019
Busch, Kaitlyn M. Biological Sciences 03/31/2020
Butcher, Willliam A. Geology 09/30/2019
Butler, Kara Leigh ITS Asset Management 05/31/2020
Butler, Kyle ITS 08/31/2019
Butler, Ross Alan Information Technology Service 08/31/2019
Bywalec, Kevin 1996 08/31/2019
Cameron, Ashley Environmental Science 09/30/2019
Cameron, Douglas Dean WBGU-TV 03/31/2020
Cameron, Megan Lynne Grounds Department 01/31/2020
Campbell, Alyssa Ann Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Campbell, Andrew Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Campbell, Jacqueline Mary Center for Community and Civic Engagement 09/30/2019
Campbell, Seth Adam Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion 02/29/2020
Cantale, Gina Helene BGSU Police 02/29/2020
Cappellini, Owen Andrew WBGU-TV 02/29/2020
Carden, Deborah J. BGSU Firelands 05/31/2020
Carlock, Robert Michael History 03/31/2020
Carper, Chad BGSU Dining 03/31/2020
Carr, Curtis Athletics 05/31/2020
Carrillo, Juan F. Athletics/Cross Country and Track & Field 09/30/2019
Carter, Kristy F. Outtakes @ KR 08/31/2019
Carvacho, Ricardo Augusto ITS 08/31/2019
Cash, Bradley Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Castillo, Thomas Javier THFM 10/31/2019
Casto, Patrick Bowling Green State University 08/31/2019
Cathers, Mary Katherine Postal Services 09/30/2019
Cathers, Paul Postal Services 08/31/2019
Cavanaugh, Kimberly Campus Ops 01/20/2020
Cesare, Liane Marie BGSU Dining 08/31/2019
Cesarini, Paul Dr. 08/31/2019
Chafee, Cheryl BGSU Firelands Admissions and Financial Aid 09/30/2019
Chamberlain, Mackenzie Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Chambers, Benjamin M. Parking Services 10/31/2019
Chapman, Thomas ITS 07/31/2019
Charron, Megan Anne Recreation and Wellness 06/30/2020
Charville, Mark R. Bowling Green State University - Firelands 03/31/2020
Cherri , Lilly Anna Hope Cosmos 06/30/2020
Chiteri, Kevin Oyale Biological Sciences 09/30/2019
Choate, Ty D. WBGU-TV 11/30/2019
Clark, Connor Lee BGSU Police Department 11/30/2019
Clark, Emily Nicole COSMOS 10/31/2019
Clark, Megan Envs. Field/Lab Methods 08/31/2019
Cline, Daniel A. Campus Operations/Office of Campus Sustainability 09/30/2019
Cline, Jadyn Zayn Department of Public Saftey 11/30/2019
Cline, Madison Elizabeth Dunkin Donuts 09/30/2019
Closen, Kyle BGSU Firelands 06/30/2020
Cloud, Abigail Anne English 07/31/2019
Clune, Alex R. Bowling Green State University 09/30/2019
Clune, Alyse Office of Admissions 10/31/2019
Codding, Charles Lee Chemistry 09/30/2019
Coffield, Darin Richard Campus Operations 07/31/2019
Coffield, Darin Richard Campus Operations 07/31/2020
Columber, Christopher Robert Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Colvin, Wayne Scott BGSU 07/31/2020
Conrad, Nicholas John ENVS 08/31/2019
Conway, Diane ASOR 07/31/2019
Cook, Thomas Richard Psychology 10/31/2019
Cooke, Alison Elizabeth Athletics-Volleyball 02/29/2020
Coons, Christian Lang Philosophy 11/30/2019
Coppes, Corey Richard BG Football 04/30/2020
Coppes, Danielle L Athletics-Sports Medicine 07/31/2020
Coppes, Danielle Leigh Sports Medicine-ICA 07/31/2019
Cordes, Caitlyn Nicole CCCE 08/31/2019
Cortez, Rojelio Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Coulson, Robert Dean Bowling Green State University Police Department 06/30/2020
Courtney, Chase A. Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Crago, Darian D. Campus Ops 08/31/2019
Craig, William BGSU ITS 06/30/2020
Crepage, Bailey Renee America Reads 09/30/2019
Crespo, Jeremiah BGSU Dining Services 02/29/2020
Crimmins, Eric John ITS 07/31/2019
Crisp, Allison Marie america reads 08/31/2019
Crow, David Allen Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Crow, Mark Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Crowl, Rachel Ann Outdoor Program 09/30/2019
Cubberley, Hannah Ellen CCCE 12/31/2019
Cullen, Steven Daniel Theatre and Film 09/30/2019
Cummings, Thomas WBGU-TV 07/31/2019
Cummings, Thomas WBGU-TV 07/31/2020
Curry, Catherine Janice CCCE 09/30/2019
Curtis, Ashley Nicole America Reads 09/30/2019
Cusenza, Vincent BGSU dining 08/31/2019
Dachik, James P. Theatre & Film 09/30/2019
Dackin, Mary Elizabeth Stroh Center 09/30/2019
Dalmacio, Stephanie Athletics 01/31/2020
Daniels II, William B. School of Cultural and Critical Studies 08/31/2019
Davidson, Kent Alan grounds 11/30/2019
Davies, Caitlin Postal Services 08/31/2019
Davis, Jeremy Carl BGSU Police Student Safety Services 02/29/2020
Davis, Timothy Biological Sciences 12/31/2019
Day, Meigan Biology 08/31/2019
De Los Santos, Roberto Athletics 07/31/2020
De Silva, Dilum NSS 02/29/2020
Dean, Jason Campus Ops. 06/30/2020
Decker, Joseph Arthur ITS/CTS 09/30/2019
Deehr, Christina The Office of Campus Sustainability 01/31/2020
DeMarco, Jonathan Raymond Thomas Life Sciences 07/31/2020
DeNardo, Faith Ann Recreation and Wellness 10/31/2019
Denison, David Mark BGSU Firelands Academic & Career Counseling 03/31/2020
DeSantis, Dominic Jay BGSU Dining 10/31/2019
Dick, Jeremy Risk Management/EHS 04/30/2020
Dickey, Garrett Campus Ops 03/06/2020
Dickman, Craig Campus Operations 11/30/2019
Dickson, Austin Tyler ITS 12/31/2019
Dieterich, Katherine J. Police Department 02/29/2020
Diller, Cynthia Susan Postal Services 01/31/2020
Dippold, Caleb Matthew Postal Services 01/31/2020
Dix, Joshua R. Police Department 04/30/2020
Dolan, Andrew James Campus Operations 04/30/2020
Domer, Scott A. grounds 11/30/2019
Doolittle, Emma Christina Chapman Learning Community 08/31/2019
Dotson, Anthony Earl Police Department 02/29/2020
Dotts, Jeannine Marie BGSU Dining 05/31/2020
Downard, Hunter Campus Ops 07/31/2020
Drapcho, Robert Firelands Enrollment Management 02/28/2020
Drapcho, Robert Alan Enrollment Management 02/29/2020
Drda, Dana m. America Reads 09/30/2019
Dudley, Tina Marie campus operation 07/31/2019
Dunbar, Gabe Nontraditional & Military Student Services 07/31/2020
Dunkel, Caroline Aubrey School of Earth, Environment and Society 08/31/2019
Dunno, Rachelle Campus Ops 03/31/2020
Duntley, Madeline Sociology 04/30/2020
Durbin , Rachel Ann Athletics/ cross and track 09/30/2019
Dwyer, Jordyn Virginia CCCE 12/31/2019
Easterwood, Sarah A. Campus Operation 05/31/2020
Echler, Diana Jean Dining Services 06/30/2020
Echler, Doyle Jay Dining Services 03/31/2020
Eckenrode, Tiffany Bgsu Dining 01/31/2020
Edens, Joseph Alumni Deveopment 05/31/2020
Ehlers, Colby Michael Grounds 11/30/2019
Ehrmantraut, Jonah Daniel ENVS 08/31/2019
Elias, Maya Teresa America Reads 09/30/2019
Ellison, Michael B. Theatre and Film 12/31/2019
Emptage, Jennifer BGSU Police Department 08/31/2019
England, Matthew Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Enright, Patrick ITS 12/31/2019
Erdogmus, Abdullah Can Intl Programs and Partnerships 04/30/2020
Ernst, Samantha Anne America Reads 09/30/2019
Evans, James Erwin Geology/BGSU 08/31/2019
Evans, Molly Lynn America Reads 11/30/2019
Evans, Rachel Medlin Grounds Department 10/31/2019
Every, Sydney Leigh America Reads 09/30/2019
Eynon, Tess Logistics 10/31/2019
Fannon, Matt Bowling Green State University 12/31/2019
Faulkner, Megan CCCE 09/30/2019
Ferguson, Alec Carter Environment and sustainability 08/31/2019
Ferrante, Dominic James WBGU-TV 09/30/2019
Ferreira de Souza, Isabel Cristina Office of Design & Construction 05/31/2020
Ferrell, Ezekiel Anthony CCCE 04/30/2020
Finnessy, Erin Hideko Department of the Environment & Sustainability 09/30/2019
Fintel, Mason Daryl Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Fintel, Rose campus operations 08/31/2019
Fischer, Daniel Anthony ICA - Sports Medicine 07/31/2019
Fischer, Daniel ICA - Sports Medicine 07/31/2020
Fisher, Joshua Kenneth Patrick Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Flanigan, Kaylyn AS Biological Science 01/31/2020
Flanigan, Kristina D. ENVS 08/31/2019
Fleshman Jr., Robert F. campus operations 04/30/2020
Florea II, David Intercollegiate Athletics 07/31/2019
Florey, Cassidy Biological Sciences 10/31/2019
Flynn, Reagan Geology 09/30/2019
Fonseca, Alex Campus Ops 09/30/2019
Foos, Hannah Elizabeth CCCE 09/30/2019
Foos, Jill Campus Operations 04/30/2020
Foreman, Tyler Jay Environmental Science 08/31/2019
Fortman, Camryn Nicole CCCE/America Reads 05/31/2020
Fouts, Emily Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2019
Fox, Anthony R. BTSU 03/31/2020
Freeman, Corryn Nicole America Reads 05/31/2020
Frey, Christopher Joseph EFLP 05/31/2020
Fu, Yuning SEES 05/31/2020
Fultz, Rebecca Sue Chartwells dining service bgsu 09/30/2019
Gacsal, Kathleen Rose BGSU Dining 05/31/2020
Gangwer, Robert Campus Operations 09/30/2019
Garbarino, Paul Michael CCCE 12/31/2019
Gargac, April Post office 08/31/2019
Garland, Kenneth P. School of Media and Communication 03/31/2020
Garno, Sharlynn Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Garon, David Keith Air Force ROTC 09/30/2019
Gaskins, Brady Alumni Development 05/31/2020
Gault, Drew C. America Reads 09/30/2019
Gebauer, Jodi Lynn Barnes INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 07/31/2019
Gebauer, Jodi Lynn Barnes INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 07/31/2020
Georges, Ashley Elizabeth America Reads 09/30/2019
Gerhardt, Angela M. Campus Operations 03/31/2020
Gildon, James Athletics 08/31/2019
Gillette, Morgan Campus Services 05/31/2020
Gilliam, Megan Ivy CCCE 09/30/2019
Gilmore, David Lee OTSS/Humanities 01/31/2020
Gilroy, Joseph Aaron Firelands Budget Operations 08/31/2019
Godfrey, Allison Kanouse CCCE 10/31/2019
Goedde, Erin Catherine Capital Planning 04/30/2020
Goedde, Matthew Ronald Classroom Technology Services 02/29/2020
Gomezdelcampo, Enrique Environment and Sustainability 09/30/2019
Gonyer, Howard Allan Office of the Dean of Students 09/30/2019
Goodge, Grant Daniel Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Goodman, Joseph Leigh WBGU 09/30/2019
Gorsevski, Peter V. SEES 08/31/2019
Grant, Imani Juanita Logistics 07/31/2020
Grant, Imani Juanita WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Gregory, Andrew J. SEES 08/31/2019
Grimes, Navier WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Griner, Kimberly Risk Management 11/30/2019
Grulke, Jennifer Judith Office of Residence Life 08/31/2019
Gump, Donald E. Campus Operations 04/30/2020
Guy, Venessa Outtakes @ KR 10/31/2019
Gwozdz, Kenny R. ITS - Networking 11/30/2019
Hahn, Ashley M. Parking Services 10/31/2019
Hall, Lucas D. Residential Learning Communities 09/30/2019
Hall, Maite Y. International Programs & Partnerships 10/31/2019
Hall, Todd Janssen Art 11/30/2019
Hamann, Julie A. Firelands 01/31/2020
Hamman, Amy K. Information Technology Service 07/31/2019
Hammersmith, Lenee A. Learning Communities 09/30/2019
Hammond, Ben ITS 12/31/2019
Hanasono, Lisa Kiyomi School of Media & Communication at BGSU 02/29/2020
Hanthorn, Kelsea Campus Ops 02/28/2020
Harris, Oliver George Morgan Men's Soccer 07/31/2019
Harris, Xavier grounds campus operations 07/31/2019
Harrison, Hayden Reed Marine biology 03/31/2020
Hartman, Lucas Capital Planning 10/31/2019
Hartung, Brennen Campus Ops 08/31/2019
Harvey, Douglas Aaron Budget abd Operations 07/31/2020
Harvey, Douglas Aaron Budget and Operations 07/31/2019
Hassett, Aidan Graham Campus Operations 01/31/2020
Hayden, Heather D. BGSU Dining 06/30/2020
Haynes, Bennie M. Firelands Budget & Operations 08/31/2019
Haynes, Kyle R. ENVS 08/31/2019
Heilmeier, James Eric Campus Operations 12/31/2019
Heinze, Karen E. Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Hellenthal, Megan Elizabeth America Reads 05/31/2020
Heller, Ivy Madalyn-Rose WBGU-TV 09/30/2019
Hemez, Paul Sociology 09/30/2019
Henderson, Tyler Jerome Football 07/31/2020
Hendrix, DeVonna Lynee BGSU Dining 02/29/2020
Hennessy, Nicholas Campus Operations 01/31/2020
Henning, Mark A. wbgu-tv 09/30/2019
Henning, Sara CCCE 03/31/2020
Hernandez, Johnnie Dining 01/31/2020
Herold, Jena Postal Services 01/31/2020
Hershey, Kaitlyn Marie America Reads 09/30/2019
Heslep, Lucas Alexander grounds campus operations 04/30/2020
Hess, Christine Biological Sciences 08/31/2019
Hester, Mark Daniel Campus Operations 09/30/2019
Hetrick, Rachel Elizabeth BGSU Dining 07/31/2020
Hicks, LaMarcus Dante Athletics 03/31/2020
Hill, Derrick BGSU Police 04/30/2020
Hill Jr, Carl H. Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Himelhan, Joel T. Campus Operations 10/31/2019
Himes, Kaz RJ Residence Life and Housing 07/31/2019
Hiser, Jason Lee Dining Services 03/31/2020
Hofacker, Keith W. College of Musical Arts 09/30/2019
Hofacker, Robin A. Chartwells/ Commissary 09/30/2019
Hogan, Brendan Joseph grounds campus operations 11/30/2019
Holden, Brett Edward Provost's Office 10/31/2019
Hollandsworth, Morgan Rae CCCE 11/30/2019
Hollinger, David C. Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2019
Holman, McKenzie Marie CCCE america reads 09/30/2019
Holmes, Aaron Lamar grounds campus operations 05/31/2020
Hubbell-Staeble, Dawn ECCO 02/29/2020
Huber, Eric Biological Sciences 07/31/2019
Huber, Mary Cecilia America Reads 05/31/2020
Hudson, Morgan River Department of sustainability/ Environmental scienc 08/31/2019
Huff, Debra Sue postal service/Falcon Outfitters 02/29/2020
Hughes, Christopher Athletics 03/31/2020
Huhn, Lauren Marie Recreation and Wellness 09/30/2019
Hunt, Nathanial Dalton america reads 12/31/2019
Huskey, Sidney Grant Geology 08/31/2019
Hutchins, Shermaine AIMS 08/31/2019
Huth, Kyle J. ITS 02/29/2020
Hutras, Peter William Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Huyghe, Bess Ann Environmental Health and Safety 01/31/2020
Iler, Nancy L. Office ofResidence Life 08/31/2019
Imbrigiotta, Adam David Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Imperial, Darla Mae Alcanices America Reads 09/30/2019
Inkrott, Caroline Admissions 06/30/2020
Irving, Kianarose Cleopatra America Reads 01/31/2020
Jackson, Lauren N. Campus Operations 10/31/2019
Jackson, Noah Benjamin ITS 04/30/2020
Jackson, Sophia Simone Bowling Green State University 05/31/2020
Jacobson, Abby AIMS 10/31/2019
Jallad, Britney Loraine 1990 08/31/2019
James, Jessica Renée Information Technology Services 12/31/2019
James, Kyle S. grounds campus operations 04/30/2020
Jameson, Alexis Jennifer WBGU-TV 11/30/2019
Janik, David A. Pre-College Programs 10/31/2019
Jankovsky, Lucas Graduate Program (Grad Arts) 11/30/2019
Janusziewicz, Jason Office of Residence Life 05/31/2020
Jaso, Maria A. Campus ops 05/31/2020
Jasper, Mikayla Jayne CCCE 08/31/2019
Jewell, Andrew Ross grounds campus operations 07/31/2019
Jinks, Michael Troy BGSU Football 08/31/2019
John, Vincent J. PARKING SERVICES 08/31/2019
Johnson, Anderson BGSU 07/31/2020
Johnson, Joshua A. Campus Operations 10/31/2019
Johnson, Nathan Andrew grounds 10/31/2019
Johnson, Taylor Marie ITS 09/30/2019
Johnston, Mason Hawk 1996 10/31/2019
Johnston, Nathan Gregory Biological Sciences 11/30/2019
Jones, Shannon Allese ENVS 08/31/2019
Joseph, Jeremy The Learning Commons 09/30/2019
Justice, Jacqueline A. Humanities - Firelands College 10/31/2019
Jutte, Kelly Jo CCCE 12/31/2019
Kappel, Richard Environmental & Sustainability 05/31/2020
Kappler, Ruben E. Graduate Program ( Grad Arts ) 10/31/2019
Karches, Jennifer WBGU-TV 09/30/2019
Karchner, Evan M. ATHLETICS 10/31/2019
Kardok, Ryan Men's Basketball 09/30/2019
Karunararthna, Mudugamuwe Hewawasam Jayan Savinda CCCE 04/30/2020
Keba, Lawrence Michael grounds campus operations 04/30/2020
Keckler, Zane D. grounds campus operations 12/31/2019
Keefe, Matthew Public Safety 01/31/2020
Keegan, Erin Edward Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Keller, Tyler WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Kemp, Christopher Marcus Bowling Green State University 08/31/2019
Kendall, Stephen WBGU-TV 03/31/2020
Kennedy, Matthew Biology 05/31/2020
Kerr, Derek CCCE 04/30/2020
Kersh, Chandler Dean Stroh Center 09/30/2019
Kiehl, Paula R Campus Ops 03/31/2020
King, Harley Athletics 04/30/2020
Kirkum, James ITS 07/31/2019
Kirkum, James ITS 07/31/2020
Kitchen, Taylor H. WBGU-TV 02/29/2020
Kizhakethalackal, Elsy Thomas Applied Sciences Department/ Firelands College 05/31/2020
Klein, Heidi K. Dining 03/31/2020
Kleingers, Allison Theatre and Film 09/30/2019
Klemm, Lindsay L. Football 08/31/2019
Klohn, Leonard E. Firelands College 03/31/2020
Knapke, Scott Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Koenig, Ryan Daniel grounds campus operations 11/30/2019
Konecny, Jonathan ITS 05/31/2020
Konrad, Laurie De Ann BGSU Dining 05/31/2020
Kosnak, Molly Catherine CCCE 12/31/2019
Kraner, Courtney Ann America Reads 12/31/2019
Kraut, Matt ITS 11/30/2019
Kretschmar, Tyler Richard ICA-Sports Medicine 07/31/2019
Krodel, Betty L. America Reads 12/31/2019
Kronour, Casey Carl grounds campus operations 08/31/2019
Kronour, Samuel Paul Campus operations ground department 06/30/2020
Krueger, Serina Catherine BGSU Dining 07/31/2019
Kruger, Alivia Athletics-Sports Medicine 07/31/2019
Kruger, Alivia BGSU Sports Medicine 07/31/2020
Krupp, Olivia Recreation and Wellness 08/31/2019
Kruse-Shultz, Nancy Bernadine Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Kuder, Emily Ann Northwest Ohio Book Depository 02/29/2020
Kuhlman, Megan Lynne Police 10/31/2019
Kulbago, Allison Claire Theatre and Film 09/30/2019
Kunkle, Macey Jene DES 08/31/2019
Kunkler, Samantha Marie WBGU-TV 03/31/2020
Kurtz, Andrew Firelands College 06/30/2020
Labadie, Christopher Ferguson Department of the Environment & Sustainability 08/31/2019
Lamb, Joshua S. WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Lambert, Thomas Dennis dining 03/31/2020
Lang, Diane BGSU DINING SERVICES 07/31/2020
Lang, Diane Sue university dinning 07/31/2019
Langendorfer, Stephen J. Rec Wellness 07/31/2019
Lanning, Amy S. Athletics 10/31/2019
Laporte, Kelly Anne grounds campus operations 08/31/2019
Lard, Dre'Quane Marte Campus Operations 09/30/2019
Lawes, Lauren Eve-Patrice 1997 08/31/2019
Lawler, Mason Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Layne, Gary D. Recreation and Wellness 11/30/2019
Leckey, Gage ITS 02/29/2020
Lehker, Samantha Brooke Biological Sciences 03/31/2020
Lemmerbrock, Daniel William Design & Construction 01/31/2020
Lindsley, Nicole Rae America Reads 09/30/2019
Line, Joanna CCCE 10/31/2019
Lisk, Patrick Ryan Information Technology Services 08/31/2019
Little, Justin M. Information Technology 11/30/2019
Liu, Ganming State SEES 08/31/2019
Lizzi, Scott A. Firelands Budget & Oprations 07/31/2020
Lizzi, Scott Alan Firelands Budget and Operations 07/31/2019
Loeffler, Scot S. Football 12/31/2019
Loney, Kyle WBGU-TV 09/30/2019
Lovelace, Kimberly Anjeanette Campus Operatins 04/30/2020
Luidhardt, Jon Jacob Police 08/31/2019
Lung, Joshua Tyler ITS 05/31/2020
Lyons, Matthew Paul BGSU Dining 10/31/2019
MacDonald, Stephen Campus Ops 02/29/2020
Mackenzie, Nelsen Athletics - Stroh Center 09/30/2019
Maddox, Kaitlyn Jean America Reads 09/30/2019
Maggi, Abigail Ruth America Reads/CCCE 05/31/2020
Maguire, Annette Kathleen Falcon Outfitters 08/31/2019
Major, Troy Allan campus operations/grounds 10/31/2019
Maki, Kent Tyler Outdoor Program 09/30/2019
Mamere, Brian Firelands 05/31/2020
Mangan, Daniel S. Theater and Film 01/31/2020
Mangan, Kelly Ann-Wiegant Theatre and Film 09/30/2019
Manning, Colin Ulysses Chartwells 08/31/2019
Mapus, Chad Police Department 04/30/2020
Marena, Mitchell Garett Information Systems Organization 11/30/2019
Marquardt, Richard William Design & Construction 08/31/2019
Marshall, Cody Environmental & Sustainability 05/31/2020
Marshall, Melanie M. Biology 01/31/2020
Martin, Joseph Athletics/Ice Arena 09/30/2019
Martucci, Nicholas J. BGSU Postal Service 08/31/2019
Marvet, Dominic Falcon Outfitters 08/31/2019
Marx, Maggie Opal America Reads 12/31/2019
Mason, Clitha BGSU Firelands Library 05/31/2020
Mason, Jessica Ann BGSU Dining 12/31/2019
Mason, Robert Todd Parking Services 02/29/2020
Mason, Zachary Francis Athletics - Men's Soccer 07/31/2019
Massien, Elizabeth AIMS 10/31/2019
Mavis, Craig Environmental & Sustainability 05/31/2020
Mayo, Teresa M. Campus Operations 11/30/2019
Mays, Patricia Bowling Green State University - Firelands 06/30/2020
McClemdon, Christopher Campus Services 06/30/2020
McClendon, Christopher Campus Ops 05/31/2020
McComas, Kailynn Hope CCCE 04/30/2020
McConnell, Sean CCCE 04/30/2020
McCourt, Spencer Athletics 07/31/2020
McCurdy, Zachary John WBGU - TV 10/31/2019
McCutcheon, Evan Andrew grounds campus operations 09/30/2019
McGillivray, Ryan Scott grounds campus operations 10/31/2019
McGinley, Tracy G. Firelands- Natural and Social Sciences 09/30/2019
McGraw, Brooke G. BGSU Firelands Office of Budget & Operations 10/31/2019
McKay, Robert M. Bowling Green State University 08/31/2019
McKnight, Christian Outdoor Program 09/30/2019
McLaughlin, Tyler James Campus Operations/Paint Shop 10/31/2019
McMenamin, Collin S. BGSU Police Department 11/30/2019
McNamara, Michael Quintion BGSU Postal Services 01/31/2020
McPhillips, Jr., Michael Ice Arena 09/30/2019
Mensch, Ellen James GradArts 11/30/2019
Merkley, Brett J. Geology 08/31/2019
Meyer, Daniel Bradley BGSU Athletics 03/31/2020
Michaels, Helen Judith Bowling Green State University 08/31/2019
Midden, William Robert AIMS 01/31/2020
Miesmer, Darcy M. Dining Services 10/31/2019
Miller, Joshua Alan Athletics 10/31/2019
Miller, Kevin Andrew grounds campus operations 04/30/2020
Miller, Madelyn Nicol America Reads 09/30/2019
Miller, Mark Daniel campus ops 11/30/2019
Miller, Michelle Valentina WBGU-TV 08/31/2019
Miller, Zachary L. Postal Services 01/31/2020
Mills, Zachary WBGU-TV 12/31/2019
Milner, Kyle Patrick BGSU Men¿s Soccer 07/31/2019
Mitchell, Aubrianna Shapree America Reads 08/31/2019
Mitchell, John K. Department of Public Safety 03/31/2020
Mitchell, Jordan ITS 01/31/2020
Moeller, Courtney ICA-Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Molter, Russell William America Reads 01/31/2020
Monroe, William Terry Parking Services 10/31/2019
Moore, Charles Edward grounds campus operations 08/31/2019
Moore, Meghan E. Biology Department 11/30/2019
Moore, Paul A. Biological Sciences 06/30/2020
Moosbrugger, Robert Francis Athletics 01/31/2020
Morgan, Michael Del Construction Management 10/31/2019
Morrison, Steven Athletics 05/31/2020
Moss, McKenzie Jewel CCCE 03/31/2020
Mueller, Evelyn Sue campus operations 05/31/2020
Mueller, Mikayla Bruns BGSU Outdoor Program 07/31/2019
Mullen, John Football 03/31/2020
Murray, Meghan WBGU-TV 03/31/2020
Myers, Clay Dennis BGSU Police 08/31/2019
Myers, Holly J. SEES/Environment & Sustainability 09/30/2019
Naderer, Marsha Ellen Nursing/Firelands 08/31/2019
Nagel, Beth A. Purchasing 09/30/2019
Nankivell, Jason Hugh CCCE 12/31/2019
Naugle, Lori A. Falcon Outfitters 05/31/2020
Nauman, Callie Bowling Green State University 06/30/2020
Neff-Strickland, Jaymen Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Nelson, Daniel Stephen Information Technology Services 01/31/2020
Nelson, Michel B. postal services 08/31/2019
Nelson, Patrick A. Student Union 05/31/2020
Nemire, Mark Robert Police 04/30/2020
Neons, Christina Athletics 12/31/2019
Neudeck, Michelle Joan Biological Sciences 06/30/2020
Neves, Kevin John Biological Sciences 08/31/2019
Niese, Morgan Nichole Stroh Center 09/30/2019
Nissen, Shayne Lyle WBGU-TV 03/31/2020
Noens, Christina Marie Athletics 12/31/2019
Nolan, Sydney Marra Firelands Budget & Operations 10/31/2019
Northrup, Carl Jacob America Reads 09/30/2019
Nowlan, Chad Robert Chapman Learning Community 06/30/2020
Nungester, Emily Kaye Design and Construction 05/31/2020
O'Dorisio, Joel Thomas Arts Village 10/31/2019
Obeng, Adwowa Atta Panyin jewelry and Metals 11/30/2019
Ohalloran, Michael N. Parking Services 08/31/2019
Olden, Katara America Reads 09/30/2019
Opaczewski, Ian Richard WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Oros, Sean Paul Honors College 11/30/2019
Orosz, Joseph Edward Information Technology Services 04/30/2020
Orwig, Frank W. Campus operations 07/31/2019
Orwig, Frank Wesley Campus operations 07/31/2020
Osterling, Karen Janine BGSU Firelands Office of the Dean 09/30/2019
Oubre, Melissa Joy Biology 05/31/2020
Owens, Ethan Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Pacheco, Rafael Michael CCCE 08/31/2019
Pack, Robert Lynn Mr 05/31/2020
Page, Cody Allyn Theatre and Film 09/30/2019
Panas, L Tatiana Firelands/NSS 10/31/2019
Panter, Kurt Samuel Geology/SEES 08/31/2019
Papp, Paul Charles central services 08/31/2019
Paredes, Alejandro Campus OPS 06/30/2020
Paredes, Alfredo Campus Ops. 06/30/2020
Parkins, Mallory C. Parking Services 10/31/2019
Parsons, Shawn Phillip ITS 06/30/2020
Partin, Matthew L. Biological Sciences 09/30/2019
Passy, Olivia Sandra Football 01/31/2020
Patel, Gangotri Bharat Postal Services 02/29/2020
Patterson, Ryan Office of Residence Life 07/31/2020
Patterson , Bailey Noel BGSU Police Department 04/30/2020
Paull, Rachel May Biology Department 06/30/2020
Pavy, Allison McKay BGSU Package Center 08/31/2019
Paxton, Darla Jean Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Payne, Benjamin ITS 01/31/2020
Peck, Daniel H. Biological Sciences 09/30/2019
Pelini, Shannon BGSU Biological Sciences 10/31/2019
Penna, Joseph Blaise WBGU-TV 06/30/2020
Perkins, Rickey Athletics 12/31/2019
Perry, Karen Dinning service 06/30/2020
Peters, Ashley Dianne grounds campus operations 08/31/2019
Peterson, Andrew Bert Aerospace Studies 09/30/2019
Pevoar, Elise Biological Sciences 03/31/2020
Pezzi, Angela Michelle College of Arts & Sciences 09/30/2019
Phillips, Anthony P. Campus Ops Supplemental 04/30/2020
Pickett, Christopher Owen Thomas FYP 09/30/2019
Pifer, Dan Athletics/football 10/31/2019
Ping, Clark Perry CCCE 12/31/2019
Plath, Debra Dunkin Donuts 06/30/2020
Pogacar, Timothy World Languages and Cultures 10/31/2019
Poland, Summer Irene CCCE 09/30/2019
Polin, Daniel K. Police Department 04/30/2020
Pollock, Jenna NWO/COSMOS 08/31/2019
Pollock, Lindsey ICA-Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Powers, John Albert Athletics 01/31/2020
Predmore, Gregory Campus Operations 03/31/2020
Pritt, Isaac M. Educators in Context and Community 03/31/2020
Pruitt, Meredith Rae Parking Services 10/31/2019
Puder, Carol M. Applied Sciences 08/31/2019
Pyle, Noah Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Queen, Steve Wilson life sciences 08/31/2019
Radabaugh, Joshua Charles ITS 06/30/2020
Rader, Grant Eugene Students in Construction Management 10/31/2019
Rapp, Matthew Douglas Campus Operations 09/30/2019
Rausch, Lindsay Recreation and Wellness 08/31/2019
Ravichandran, Swathi Firelands College 07/31/2020
Reed, Amelia Elizabeth DES 08/31/2019
Reed, Jerry Lee ECCO 02/29/2020
Reindel, Jenna L. geology 05/31/2020
Reuter, Anna ICA - Sports Medicine 07/31/2019
Reynolds, Susan Kay Dining 06/30/2020
Rice, David M. Nontraditional and Military Student Services 09/30/2019
Rider, Brian William Dining 08/31/2019
Riegle, Sandra Jill BGSU Dining 02/29/2020
Rife, Michelle Lyn BGSU Dining 02/29/2020
Rios, Roberto CCCE 05/31/2020
Roark, Roddy C. Applied Science/BGSU Firelands 08/31/2019
Roberson, William Capital Planning 04/30/2020
Roberts, Sheila Jo Provost's office 08/31/2019
Robinson, Julianne Olivia CCCE america reads 12/31/2019
Rodriguez, Nicolas Parking Services 10/31/2019
Roop, Jordan W. Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Roop, Trevor Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Rooze, Brandon athletics 07/31/2020
Ross, Stephanie Campus Operations/ Grounds 09/30/2019
Rothschuh, Blake Nathaniel Student safety services 03/31/2020
Rubel, Matt Campus Operations 08/31/2019
Rupert, Jordan James Dining Services 09/30/2019
Rupp, Sydney Marie America Reads 12/31/2019
Rush, Amanda Marie BGSU Dining 10/31/2019
Rutter, Thomas Environmental Health & Safety 05/31/2020
Salazar, Stefani Maria Biology/ BOSEF 10/31/2019
Salazar-Valentine, Marcia International Programs and Partnerships 10/31/2019
Salkiewicz, Lauren Alexandria WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Salzer, Katelyn M. Department of the Environment and Sustainability 08/31/2019
Sams, Breanna Jean BGSU Dining 12/31/2019
Sams, Pamela Jean Dining Services 09/30/2019
Sanders, Samantha Louise Bowling Green State University Outdoor Program 07/31/2019
Sauer, Scott Police 02/29/2020
Sauer, Taylor R. WBGU-TV 02/29/2020
Sautter, Kris e. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 01/31/2020
Savitt, Phillip Dining Services 09/30/2019
Saxton, Jessica Book Depository 01/31/2020
Scaletta, Anna Renee Outdoor Progam 04/30/2020
Schall, Gregory BGSU Dining 02/29/2020
Schaller, Sarah E. CCCE 11/30/2019
Schemenauer, Frank A. Biological sciences 08/31/2019
Schettine, Rebecca Lynn Grounds Department 10/31/2019
Schmidt, Nicole BGSU Dining 07/31/2019
Schmidt, Nicole Dining Marketing 07/31/2020
Schneider, Remington Charles Office of Campus Sustainability 09/30/2019
Schnepp, Jerry C. VCT/Bowling Green State University 07/31/2019
Schooner, Suzanne Biological Sciences 04/30/2020
Schuck, Raymond I. Dept. of Humanities (Firelands) 01/31/2020
Schuessler, Michael Allan Design & Construction 11/30/2019
Schumacher, Katelyn Irene Department of Biological Sciences 06/30/2020
Schwamberger, Michele Ann Football 03/31/2020
Schwieterman, Matthew A. BGSU ATHLETICS 10/31/2019
Schwieterman, Nathan Thomas grounds campus operations 09/30/2019
Scripter, Dominique Nikole CCCE 09/30/2019
Sears, John Adam ITS 08/31/2019
Sears, Martha E. 1957 01/31/2020
Segaard, Susan Jean ITS 06/30/2020
Segura Barron, Thania Daniela Athletics - Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Segura Barron, Thania Daniela ICA-Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Seidel, Melissa Biology 01/31/2020
Selders, Michael Anthony Information Technology Services 10/31/2019
Seman, Kristi N. Center for Community and Civic Engagement 05/31/2020
Senn, Victor Alumni Development 01/31/2020
Sentel, Zachary ITS 11/30/2019
Serfozo, Lois Kay UDS 02/29/2020
Serratore, Steven Campus Operations 10/31/2019
Sexton, Collin BG Football 08/31/2019
Seyfang , Tyler Marvin CCCE 09/30/2019
Shaner, Stephen F. Police Departent 08/31/2019
Shank, Angela Marie Campus Operations 04/30/2020
Shank, Dale J. BGSU Biological Sciences 09/30/2019
Shaull, Joseph Environmental Sustainability 08/31/2019
Shepard, Mary Beth campus Operation 07/31/2019
Shepherd, MacKenzie Marie Campus Operations 09/30/2019
Sherock, Sherri Design and Construction 10/31/2019
Short, Casen J. Campus Operations 07/31/2019
Shortridge, Caitlin Alyse BGSU Volleyball 02/29/2020
Shupe, Kari BIOL 10/31/2019
Shutsa, Zachary Richard grounds campus operations 08/31/2019
Sickler, Jodi Lyn Capital Planning 09/30/2019
Sickler, Stephanie Risk Management 01/31/2020
Siebenaler, Jackalyn Patricia Bowling Green Alternative Breaks 10/31/2019
Siegwarth, Maximilian Carl Parking Services 10/31/2019
Sieja, Laura Grace BGSU Dining 09/30/2019
Siffert, Lauren Olivia CCCE 09/30/2019
Sigman, Bailee Renee BGSU Dining 07/31/2019
Silberman, Benjamin M. Postal Services 08/31/2019
Siler, Justin Allen Recreation and Wellness 06/30/2020
Simon, Marc V. Political Science 11/30/2019
Simon, Tina Louise WBGU-TV 09/30/2019
Singer, Carol Ann Library Teaching & Learning 12/31/2019
Skees, Aaron Patrick BGSU Dining 01/31/2020
Skoog, Nicholas Campus Operations Grounds Department 08/31/2019
Smetzer, Sandra Jean Department of Theatre & Film 06/30/2020
Smith, Adam Jason BGSU Police department 11/30/2019
Smith, Dalton Thomas Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Smith, Devon S. Football/Athletics 02/29/2020
Smith, Douglas Enoch campus operation 07/31/2019
Smith, Douglas P. Campus Ops Supplemental 02/29/2020
Smith, Sara Nicole BGSU- International Programs & Partnerships 04/30/2020
Smith, Shayna Joy Movers 10/31/2019
Smyl, Fallon Book Depository 02/29/2020
Snelling V, Louis Raymond Athletics - Cross Country/Track & Field 09/30/2019
Snyder, Jeffrey SEES 08/31/2019
Snyder, Kacee Ferrell Honors College 09/30/2019
Snyder-Carpenter, Jessica Kiley Campus operations 03/31/2020
Sockrider, Tanya Kay Dining 12/31/2019
Solether, Nicholos Paint Shop/ Campus Operations 02/29/2020
Solis, Alex D. Office of the President 11/30/2019
Spikes, Troy W Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Sroufe, Alexander Michael Firelands Budget Operations 05/31/2020
Standinger, Wendy ACTION Program 01/31/2020
Stasik, Ashley Ann CCCE 10/31/2019
Statt, Brenna Rae Book Depository 09/30/2019
Steele, Alexandra Nicole Biological Sciences 10/31/2019
Steinbock, Daniel Joseph grounds campus operations 11/30/2019
Stevens, Carol Lynn Dunkin Donuts 06/30/2020
Stewart, John Police 04/30/2020
Steyn, Harry Andre BGSU Dining 08/31/2019
Stott, Nathan Daniel Bowling Green State University 09/30/2019
Stover, Scott Henry BGSU Police Department 03/31/2020
Strayer, Morghan Janette Parking Services 10/31/2019
Streffon, Jenna C. Geology 05/31/2020
Studer, Terry L. BGSU Dining 10/31/2019
Stump, Madison E. SEES 08/31/2019
Subba, Rita Potal Services 08/31/2019
Swartz, Teresa Kay BGSU DINING SERVICES 01/31/2020
Swary, Craig Campus Services 05/31/2020
Swearingen, Hannah Josephine School of Art 03/31/2020
Swoap, Suzanne Police Department 09/30/2019
Swope, Brian Lee Design & Construction 11/30/2019
Sykes, Ronald Jacob department of environment and sustainability 08/31/2019
Tatham, Allen Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Tatum, Jacob Avery Field and Lab Methods class 08/31/2019
Tatum, Katelyn A. ENVS 3100 08/31/2019
Tavens, Hannah Rose Depository 02/29/2020
Tayler, Katelyn Paige Department of Theatre and Film 09/30/2019
Telles, Lois Ellen campus operations 05/31/2020
Terry, Ina Marie Geology 09/30/2019
Theis, Elyssa Lynn America Reads 09/30/2019
Thiede, Grant BGSU Postal Services 08/31/2019
Thomas, Keith H. ITS 01/31/2020
Thomas, Kurt Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Thomas, Tessa Renee CCCE america reads 09/30/2019
Thublin, Rebecca Noel Biological Sciences 10/31/2019
Tibbits, Cory McKinley Environmental Science 08/31/2019
Tomic, Danijela Athletics 03/31/2020
Toopes, Brock W. grounds campus operations 05/31/2020
Torres, Coltilde Marie Campus Operations 01/31/2020
Toth, Christopher ITS 08/31/2019
Toth, Mary Patricia Chemistry 06/30/2020
Tressler II, Richard Allen Dining Services 03/31/2020
Trickey-Wazny, Emma Jean Capital Planning 04/30/2020
Turske , Hayley Rose America Reads 09/30/2019
Tuttle, Cari Elizabeth WBGU-TV 02/29/2020
Tyrrell, Gage Byron bgsu dining 09/30/2019
Underwood, Eileen M. Biological Sciences 04/30/2020
Utz, Timothy Campus Operations 10/08/2019
Valdez, Paul Anthony Center for Community & Civic Engagement 05/31/2020
Van De Bussche, Alexander B. Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Vance, Kiara CCCE 09/30/2019
VanDenEynde, Sarah Lynn Bowling Green State University 03/31/2020
VanTress, Jeremy R. Postal Services 11/30/2019
Varallo, Robert Dana Campus Operations 06/30/2020
Varner, Mackenzy A. BGSU Dining 07/31/2019
Varner, Mackenzy A. BGSU Dining 07/31/2020
Vazquez-Ortega, Angelica BGSU 08/31/2019
Vicars, Derrick athletics/Women's Track and Field 10/31/2019
Vickery, Grant Stroh Center 06/30/2020
Vrooman, Patrick Duane ECCO 02/29/2020
Waddle, Robert M. Capital Planning 11/30/2019
Wagner, Amy Kristin Biological Sciences 08/31/2019
Wahl, Sharyl Lynn Academic and Career Counseling Firelands 11/30/2019
Walls, Stephanie M. Firelands-Natural and Social Sciences 12/31/2019
Walters, Brandon M. WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Walton, Jason David School of Art / THFM 09/30/2019
Warnecke, Emily Marie ITS/ Networking 11/30/2019
Warner, Chad Postal Services 01/31/2020
Watkins, Zachary ITS 12/31/2019
Watson, Gregory Campus Operations 04/30/2020
Wayne, Lisa Lynn WBGU-TV 07/31/2019
Wayne, Lisa Lynn WBGU-TV 07/31/2020
Weaver, Jamie D. BGSU Dining 08/31/2019
Weimer, Kyle WBGU-TV 05/31/2020
Wells, Marlon Anthony WBGU-TV 10/31/2019
Werling, Matthew R. SCMA 10/31/2019
Wesney, Trishelle Dining Services 03/31/2020
Westfall, Logan M. WBGU-TV 03/31/2020
Wheeler, Raegan Noelle CCCE 09/30/2019
Whitacre, Steve P. Campus Ops Supplemental 04/30/2020
Whitehurst, Robert N. Athletics/Sports Medicine 08/31/2019
Whittaker , Kaitlyn Ann America Reads 09/30/2019
Wiegmann, Daniel D. Biological Sciences 11/30/2019
Wieman, Paige A. BGSU Dining 08/31/2019
Wildschutte, Hans Biological Sciences 03/31/2020
Wilhelm, Patricia Ann SEES 08/31/2019
Willinger, Brandon Center for Community and Civic Engagement 08/31/2019
Wilson, Alyson Kay Firelands 08/31/2019
Wilson, Jamie Lynn America Reads Program 09/30/2019
Wilt, Lori Annette WBGU-TV 03/31/2020
Wimmer, Edward E. Firelands College 05/31/2020
Winemiller, Celeste Lynn America Reads 05/31/2020
Wiskochil, Trevor Campus Operations 05/31/2020
Wittenmyer, Franklin Eugene BGSU Dining 10/31/2019
Wittig, Craig environment and sustainability 05/31/2020
Wood, Tyler C. Bowling Green State University 01/31/2020
Woodruff, Peggy Jean Dunkin Donuts 08/31/2019
Woods, Christopher Budget and Operations 06/30/2020
Work, Daniel Thomas Aerospace Studies 09/30/2019
Worsham, Thomas Recreation and wellness 09/30/2019
Wurst, Chad T. Environmental Science 09/30/2019
Wyderka, Melissa Ellen Geology 08/31/2019
Wynn, Bryan LD Bowling Green State University Police Dept. 08/31/2019
Wynne, Karon Environmental & Sustainability 05/31/2020
Yacobucci, Margaret Mary Geology/SEES 08/31/2019
Yarger, Jewel Lea Rayle CCCE 11/30/2019
York, Alexa Claire BGSU Campus Operations 01/31/2020
Young, David Allen ITS 01/31/2020
Young, Ian Alexander Philosophy 11/30/2019
Young, Justin Catering 03/31/2020
Young, Kim School of Art 11/30/2019
Young, Nicholas J. Football 12/31/2019
Zachrich, Jonathan David BGSU Dining 01/31/2020
Zahler, Megan Mary Admissions 09/30/2019
Zesing, Emma Morgan CCCE/America Reads 05/31/2020
Zhao, Fengdan CCCE 03/31/2020
Zhao, Fengdan CCCE 11/30/2019
Zinkhon, Jacob Kendall Environmental Science 08/31/2019