Approved Driver List

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Note: Drivers of fifteen passenger vans must also appear on the van training list.

Driver Department Approval Expiration Date
AbouZied, Magdy Dining 08/31/2023
Adams, Casondra Biological Sciences 02/28/2023
Adle, Kathleen Marie Grounds 01/31/2023
Alday, Paul Wesley Communication 08/31/2023
Alexander, Morgan Elizabeth BGAB C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadersh 03/31/2023
Allen, Courtney Renee BGSU Dining 02/28/2023
Altizer, Thomas Campus Ops 12/31/2022
Andersen, Emily Reid WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Army, Steven Campus Operations 10/31/2023
Arnold, Abby WBGU-TV 04/30/2023
Ash, Pierson Campus Operations-grounds 10/31/2023
Atwood, Kloe Biological Sciences 06/30/2023
Ausdenmoore, Adrienne Office of the President 04/30/2023
Baker, Andrew Thomas WBGU-TV 11/30/2022
Baldonado, Delia Campus Ops. 08/31/2023
Ballard, Christopher LOY BGSU Rec & Wellness 12/31/2022
Balser, Jon Campus Operations 07/31/2023
Bane, Jacob Patterson Grounds dept 04/30/2023
Barcheski, Natalie Faith SEES 08/31/2023
Baringer, Jamie Ann Athletics 09/30/2023
Barker, Jason Campus Operations 05/31/2023
Barker, Katelyn B. Biological Sciences 08/31/2023
Barr, Tina Marie Campus Op 02/28/2023
Barwinski, Wesley Campus Operations 02/28/2023
Bateson, Sandra Campus Operations 06/30/2023
bateson, steven l. paint shop 10/31/2023
Bayer, Alex Athletics 01/31/2023
Beaverson, Dave W. Dining 03/31/2023
Bechstein, Lynette Aliene BGSU Dining 09/30/2023
Below, Michael Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Benge, Christopher S. Office of Campus Sustainability 02/28/2023
Bennett, Isaac Wayne campus operations-grounds 05/31/2023
Berger, Margaret Maria Budget & Operations/Firelands 05/31/2023
Best, Lauren Athletics 11/30/2022
Bill, Tyler R. Marvin Center - Cheerleading 05/31/2023
Bingman, Verner Peter Psychology 03/31/2023
Bockbrader, Lucas ICA - Sports Medicine 07/31/2023
Bond, Kai campus operations-recycle 08/31/2023
Borders, Robb Allen Campus Ops (BMO) 06/30/2023
Borders, Tina Marie Nontraditional and Military Student Ser. 06/30/2023
Boucher, Robert Jack CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION 08/31/2023
Bowlby, Haylie Renee Navajo Trip 04/30/2023
Bowlus, Hannah L. BGSU 04/30/2023
Boyer, Zackary R. Logistics 10/31/2023
Brashear, Virginia Katherine Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Bray, Jennifer Campus Operations 05/31/2023
Briedis, Vincent Edward Athletics - Strategic Communications 06/30/2023
Brockmann, Brittany SEES 08/31/2023
Broffman, Chris Parking Services 11/30/2022
Brokaw, Jonathan Michael Biological Sciences 01/31/2023
Brown, Ana C. Division of Diversity and Belonging 08/31/2023
Brown, Katelyn Biological Sciences 06/30/2023
Brown, Lauren Nicole Bowling Green State University 10/31/2023
Brown, Zachery Parking Services 04/30/2023
Bruning, Mitchell Anthony BGSU Dining 03/31/2023
Bruning, Robin BGSU/Chartwells 03/31/2023
Brusoe, Lindsey Rose Campus Planning 03/31/2023
Bruzek, Kelsey M. Parking Services 08/31/2023
Bryant, Kelly Biology 03/31/2023
Buchanan, Jacob Douglas Biological Sciences 03/31/2023
Buehrer, Todd Alan Grounds 02/28/2023
Buening, Jenn Bowling Green State University 07/31/2023
Bullard, Richard Laurence Campus Operations/Heat Plant 02/28/2023
Bullerjahn, George Shepley Biological Sciences 09/30/2023
Burkin, Danielle Marie BGSU Club Rowing 09/30/2023
Burnham, Sarah Ann Athletics 03/31/2023
Burnier, Claudio A. Postal Services 06/30/2023
Burns, Timothy Micah Psychology 10/31/2023
Burnside, Kristin SEES 08/31/2023
Butina, Alex Nicholas SEES 08/31/2023
Butler, Kyle N. Bowling Green State University 03/31/2023
Calhoun, John Michael Geology Department 09/30/2023
Calvey, Kevin Joshua Campus Operations 09/30/2023
Cameron, Douglas Dean WBGU PBS 07/31/2023
Campbell, Seth Adam Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion 07/31/2023
Canterbury, Rodney Campus Ops 12/31/2022
Carden, Deborah BGSU Firelands Academic & Career Counseling 05/31/2023
Caris, Anthony BGSU Police 08/31/2023
Carney, Madison SEES 08/31/2023
Carper, Chad BGSU Dining 03/31/2023
Carroll , Sarah Michelle BGSU Dining 04/30/2023
Carter, Kristy Faye BGSU Dinnig 08/31/2023
Carter, Reagan Mae Parking Services 05/31/2023
Carvacho, Ricardo Augusto ITS 08/31/2023
Cavanaugh, Kimberly Joyce Campus Operations/Custodial 02/28/2023
Chafee, Cheryl Lynn BGSU Firelands 02/28/2023
Chalfant, Robert J. Parking Services 05/31/2023
Chamberlain, Mark Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Chandler, Ethan T. BGSU Chemistry Department 01/31/2023
Charton, Spencer Nathaniel WBGU-TV 05/31/2023
Charville, Carson David Postal Services 05/31/2023
Charville, Mark BGSU Firelands 07/31/2023
Clark, Forrest School of Earth, Environment and Society 08/31/2023
Clarke, Taylor Andrew Douglas Athletics 05/31/2023
Closen, Kyle B. Humanities 06/30/2023
Clutter, Doug Campus Operations 10/31/2023
Clutter, Mason Lee Logistics 06/30/2023
Codding, Charles Lee Chemistry 09/30/2023
Coffield, Darin R. Campus Operations 07/31/2023
Collins, Ryan David Athletics, Swimming 08/31/2023
Comerford, Patrick A. BGSU Student Safety Services 02/28/2023
Cook, Sean Cullen Sees Dept 09/30/2023
Cooke, Alison Athletics-volleyball 03/31/2023
Coppes, Danielle Leigh Athletics - sports medicine 07/31/2023
Corey, Abigail Bernadette Catering 10/31/2023
Coulson, Robert Dean BGSU Police 06/30/2023
Courson, Ashley WBGU-PBS 02/28/2023
Craft, Peter Student Safety Officer 09/30/2023
Crapsey, Ryan James Information Technology Services 01/31/2023
Creps, Hayleigh Madison ITS 10/31/2023
Crespo, Jeremiah BGSU Dining Services 03/31/2023
Crighton, Jasmine Starr School of Media & Communication 06/30/2023
Crimmins, Eric ITS 03/31/2023
Crook, Emily Ruth BGSU Dining Markets 11/30/2022
Crouse, Daniel Owen Campus operations 11/30/2022
Crouse, Daniel Owen Campus operations 11/30/2023
Cruz , Makayla Louise Parking Services 08/31/2023
Cullen, Jack Leo WBGU-TV 02/28/2023
Cullison, Nova campus operations-grounds 09/30/2023
Cummings, Thomas Patrick WBGU-PBS 07/31/2023
Curry, Robert Campus Operations 11/30/2022
Dabney, Gerry A. B&O 07/31/2023
Dachik, James Paul Theatre and Film 09/30/2023
Dael, Eryn F. SEES 08/31/2023
Dalmacio, Stephanie BGSU Athletics - Tennis 01/31/2023
Daniel, Jonah WBGU-TV 04/30/2023
Daniel, McElmurry Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Daniels, Colin David ITS 11/30/2023
Davies, Michelle Lynn Parking Services 06/30/2023
Davis, Julie Kaye WBGU 12/31/2022
Davis, Tiara M. SEES 08/31/2023
Dean, Jason Allen Campus Ops 02/28/2023
DeBlase, Krista Marie Counseling/BGSU-Firelands 03/31/2023
Dedes, Sara Ann Sams Club 04/30/2023
Deehr, Valerie Ann Office of Campus Sustainability 09/30/2023
DeFazio, Tracy Michelle Student Engagement Diversity and Inclusion 09/30/2023
DelPiombo, Alexandria Athletics- Volleyball 03/31/2023
Depinet, Andrea Campus Operations 02/28/2023
DeSario, Joseph Jon BGSU Department of Public Safety 09/30/2023
Dickey, Carole Ann campus operations 11/30/2022
Dickey, Carole Ann Campus operations 11/30/2023
Dickey, Garrett Bailey Campus Operations 07/31/2023
Dickman, Craig Campus Operations 11/30/2022
Dickman, Craig Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Dietrich, David Athletics and Recreation 11/30/2023
Diller, Cynthia Susan BGSU 01/31/2023
Dix, Joshua R. Police Dept. 04/30/2023
Doles, Kurt College of Musical Arts 01/31/2023
Dos Santos, June Campus Ops 04/30/2023
Drapcho, Robert Firelands Admissions 02/28/2023
Drewyor, Lindsey ICA - Sports Medicine 07/31/2023
Dudley, Tina Marie campus operation 02/28/2023
Dutridge, Erik Lloyd Information Technology Services 10/31/2023
Dutridge, Erik Lloyd ITS 10/31/2023
Ebert, Lincoln M. BG Dining 01/31/2023
Echler, Doyle Jay Dining Services 03/31/2023
Edmond, Kyle Daniel Athletics 08/31/2023
Ellinger, Angelica lee BGSU Dinning 05/31/2023
Elsasser, James R. athletics 01/31/2023
Empcke, Meg Renee Grounds 11/30/2022
Enright, Patrick Club Sports 09/30/2023
Enright, Patrick ITS 01/31/2023
Erdogmus, Abdullah Can International Programs and Partnerships 04/30/2023
Ernst, Emma Caitlin postal services 04/30/2023
Errington, Meredith ITS 02/28/2023
Estok, Greggery Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Everly, Jacob C. BGSU Club Rowing 09/30/2023
EYNON, TESS Logistics 10/31/2023
Fahey, Erin Athletics 01/31/2023
Fahey, Erin Athletics 06/30/2023
Fargo, Emily Department of Biological Sciences 07/31/2023
Felice, Dominic WBGU-TV 11/30/2022
Felice, Dominic C. WBGU- PBS 10/31/2023
Fintel, Rose Campus Operations 02/28/2023
Firsdon, Michael J. ITS 08/31/2023
Fischer, Daniel ICA - Athletics 07/31/2023
Fitzpatrick, Kiana Marie BGSU Design and Construction 04/30/2023
Fleshman, Robert F. campus operations 07/31/2023
Florea, David Intercollegiate Athletics 08/31/2023
Flores, Austin Admissions 11/30/2023
Foos, Jill Campus Services 04/30/2023
Ford, Jennifer Campus Ops 04/30/2023
Frazier, Kimberly Madison BGSU dining marketing 04/30/2023
Frey, Christopher Joseph Educational Foundations Leadership and Policy 04/30/2023
Fritz, Joseph Brian SEES 08/31/2023
Frodyma, Shawn Henry ITS 10/31/2023
Frost, Jonathon Westhoven Catering 06/30/2023
Frost, Timothy Mark Theatre/ film 08/31/2023
Fu, Yuning SEES 05/31/2023
Fulk, Brett Matthew Parking Services 04/30/2023
Gangwer, Robert F. Campus Operations 09/30/2023
Garber, Christopher Campus Ops 11/30/2022
Garmann, Samantha Elizabeth Arts and Sciences 04/30/2023
Garretson, Erin Anne Custodial 09/30/2023
Gebauer, Jodi Information Technology Services 07/31/2023
Geiger, Hunter Wolfgang WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Gerhardt, Angela Campus Operations 03/31/2023
Gerken, Sydney Leigh ITS Asset Management 10/31/2023
Gilbert, Gregory Scott ITS 10/31/2023
Gildon, James Athletics 08/31/2023
Gill, Brian Campus Ops 04/30/2023
Glass, Trent Lucas BGSU Student Safety Services 02/28/2023
Gomez Jr, Perry C. receiving/ union nest 03/31/2023
Gomezdelcampo, Enrique SEES 09/30/2023
Goodknight, Carter Lee WBGU-TV 11/30/2022
Graber, Holly Campus Operations 05/31/2023
Grady, Abigail Moreen Club Rowing 10/31/2023
Graven, Jason M. NTMSS 12/31/2022
Gray, Kyle Michael Campus Operations 06/30/2023
Green, Gunnar Campus Services 04/30/2023
Green-Churchwell, Brigitte L. Firelands College 10/31/2023
Griffith, Janet Lyn BGSU Dining/Chartwells 10/31/2023
Gump, Donald E. campus operations 04/30/2023
Gunterman, Clare Emily Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Hall, Maite Yoselin International Programs & Partnerships 10/31/2023
Hall, Tracy Gladys Campus Operations 03/31/2023
Hallowell, Kyle David Marine Biology 01/31/2023
Hamann, Julie A. Firelands - Tech Support 09/30/2023
Hammersmith, Lenee Ann Chapman Learning Community 09/30/2023
Hammond, Ben ITS 03/31/2023
Hammond, Kelsey M. Academic and Career Counseling 07/31/2023
Handley, Joshua Samuel BGSU Dining 01/31/2023
Harder, Joshua Thomas Catering 06/30/2023
Harter, Bridget Therese Biology Dept 04/30/2023
Hartman, Ashley Nicole Wellness Connection 09/30/2023
Hasul, Tyler Gregory WBGU-PBS 09/30/2023
Hawkins, Jewell Campus Operations 07/31/2023
Hayden, Heather Dawn BGSU Dining 03/31/2023
Hayes, Zachary Matthew SEES 09/30/2023
Heinz, Avi Ramone WBGU-TV 09/30/2023
Helberg, Mary Ann bgsu dining 08/31/2023
Hemmelgarn , Lauren Elizabeth Postal Services 01/31/2023
Hennessy, Nicholas James Campus Operations/Sustainability 06/30/2023
Henry, Frederick campus ops 03/31/2023
Henry, Marquise Biological Sciences 05/31/2023
Hensley, Nathan Stewart SEES 12/31/2022
Hernandez, Amy Joann Campus Operations 09/30/2023
Hernandez, Johnnie Dining 01/31/2023
Hess, Christine Biological Sciences 08/31/2023
Hetrick, Bailey campus operations-grounds 08/31/2023
Higginbotham, Sarah Jane Rowing Club 09/30/2023
Hildebrand, Erik Athletics 08/31/2023
Hintz, Kenneth Campus Ops 04/30/2023
Hiser, Jason Lee Chartwells/ Dining Maintenance 03/31/2023
Hofacker, Keith W. College of Musical Arts 09/30/2023
Hohler, Sophia Kathleen WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Holden, Brett Edward Director, Chapman Learning Community; Faculty Memb 10/31/2023
Holland, Hunter Campus Ops 02/28/2023
Hollinger, David Recreation and Wellness/Athletics 09/30/2023
Holwerda, Alex Jacob WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Hongosh, Anna Noel SEES 09/30/2023
Horner, Emma Lea BGSU Dining 09/30/2023
Huebner, Connor Everette Dining 09/30/2023
Huff, Debra Sue Postal Services 02/28/2023
Huffman, Hunter Michael Robert WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Hughes, Samuel Higham Stroh Center 01/31/2023
Huhn, Lauren Marie SEES 08/31/2023
Hunt, Genna Chemistry 06/30/2023
Huyghe, Bess Environmental Health and Safety 01/31/2023
Inkrott, Caroline BGSU DINING 09/30/2023
Isherwood, Ewan Biological Sciences 07/31/2023
Islam, Ariful School of Earth, Environment & Society 03/31/2023
Jackson, Joseph Intercollegiate Athletics 07/31/2023
Jackson, Mackenzie Lynn Parking Services 01/31/2023
Jackson, Precious Athletics - Ice Arena 03/31/2023
Jackson, Sophia Simone BGSU Firelands 02/28/2023
Jallad, Britney Loraine Police Department 08/31/2023
James, Joshua Stephen ITS 03/31/2023
Jaso, Maria Campus Ops 12/31/2022
Jennings, Tyshon Jahi University Police Deportment 02/28/2023
Johnson, Erica Sue Campus Operations 02/28/2023
Johnson, Joshua A. Campus Operations 01/31/2023
Johnson, Nicholas Campus Operation's 02/28/2023
Johnson, Samantha ITS 04/30/2023
Jones, Andy R. Campus ops 03/31/2023
Jordan, Summer Campus Sustainability 09/30/2023
Jowanovitz, Alex James WBGU-TV 04/30/2023
Kapelka, Renae Ellen Computer Art Club 09/30/2023
Karches, Jennifer WBGU-PBS 09/30/2023
Karmick, Gregory Justin Dining Services 01/31/2023
Keefe, Matthew Public Safety 01/31/2023
Kelch, Patrick Sebestyen Bowling Green State University 10/31/2023
Kelleher, Jordan Elaine WBGU-PBS 10/31/2023
Kendall, Stephen Neil WBGU-TV 05/31/2023
Kepling, Allison Raquel Stroh Center 09/30/2023
Kiehl, Paula R. Campus Ops 03/31/2023
Kieling, Madilynn IT Services 09/30/2023
King, Jamie Falcon Outfitters 02/28/2023
King, Josh Campus Operations-Grounds 09/30/2023
King, Josh Campus Operations-grounds 09/30/2023
Kinshaw, Robert Dean campus ops. 02/28/2023
Kirchner, Laural WBGUTV 01/31/2023
Kirian-Cressey, Scott Michael Information Technology Services 08/31/2023
Kirkpatrick, Kayla Lauren SEES 08/31/2023
Kirkum Jr, James Earl ITS 07/31/2023
Kistner, Noah L. Campus operations 10/31/2023
Klees, Lindsay Elizabeth SEES 08/31/2023
Klemm, Lindsay Leigh BGSU Football 01/31/2023
Kline, Robert Joseph Academic Advising 10/31/2023
Klohn, Leonard Emerson maintainance 07/31/2023
Knudsen, Joshua D. Dining 10/31/2023
Koch, Meghan Sports Medicine 08/31/2023
Koerner, Mallory Rose Campus Planning 04/30/2023
Kohman, Adam Ross Department of Theater and Film 08/31/2023
Kontos, Victoria Ashley Firelands Admissions & Financial Aid 02/28/2023
Kopunek, Nate Athletics - Men's Soccer 02/28/2023
Kropf, Beth Anne BGAB - Marvin Center 02/28/2023
Krout, Denielle D. BGSU Dining 04/30/2023
Krul, Halina Ann SEES 08/31/2023
Kuch, Kaitlyn WBGU 07/31/2023
Kuhlman, Megan Police Department 10/31/2023
Kurowski, Jaydon D. ITS CTS 09/30/2023
Kurtz, Andrew Firelands 07/31/2023
Ladapo, Emmanuel Abayomi SEES 11/30/2023
Lamson, Craig campus operations-grounds 08/31/2023
Lane, Stephanie Arlene Office of Dean Student Parent Program 04/30/2023
Lang, Diane Sue DINING SERVICES 07/31/2023
Lanning, Amy Sue School of Earth, Environment & Society 10/31/2023
Laurer, Elizabeth M. Humanities 01/31/2023
Lause, Mark Dining 03/31/2023
Lawanson, Samuel Athletics 02/28/2023
Layne, Gary D. RecWell 11/30/2022
Layne, Gary D. RecWell 11/30/2023
Leatherman, Kelly Athletics 08/31/2023
Lee, Ian Bartram TRIO Student Support Services 11/30/2022
Legath, Jonathon Hunter Parking Services 02/28/2023
Lemmerbrock, Daniel William Campus Planning 01/31/2023
Lenke, Adam Michael ITS 06/30/2023
Lepre, Christopher John School of Earth Environment Society 01/31/2023
Linker, Damaris A Athletics - Football 11/30/2022
Little, Justin Michael Information Technology Services 11/30/2023
Little, Justin Michael Information Technology Services 11/30/2022
Lizzi, Scott Alan Firelands Budget & Operations 07/31/2023
Lochridge, Kate Department of Biological Sciences 01/31/2023
Lowy, Joseph Daniel Parking Enforcer 07/31/2023
Loxley, Emily Rose SEES 08/31/2023
Lucio, Deborah Cairl Recreation and Wellness 07/31/2023
Luttrell, Ashley Biological Sciences 05/31/2023
Lyons, Matthew P. BGSU Dining 12/31/2022
MacKeigan, DeAnna Miah Bowling Green State University 12/31/2022
Magosi, Busang International Programs 07/31/2023
Maguire, Annette Kathleen Falcon outfitters 03/31/2023
Mangan, Daniel Bowling Green State University 01/31/2023
Mangan, Kelly Ann-Wiegant Theatre and Film 09/30/2023
Mapus, Chad Police 04/30/2023
Marcum, Stacey Financial Aid 09/30/2023
Marquardt, Richard William Campus Planning 04/30/2023
Marten, Nathaniel Richard Oaks 05/31/2023
Mason, Jessica Ann BGSU Dining 12/31/2022
Mata, Raquel Marie Campus Operations 10/31/2023
Matsko, Brett USA Hockey/BG Hockey Schools 06/30/2023
Mauceri, Johnathan Michael WBGU-TV 05/31/2023
Mauch, Jenna Lea Campus Services 10/31/2023
Maurer, Jaxson Ryan Cartering 09/30/2023
Mayo, Teresa M. Campus Operation 11/30/2022
Mayo, Teresa M. Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Mays, Patricia J. Bowling Green State University 07/31/2023
McClaflin, Doug WBGU TV 07/31/2023
McClintock, Abigail lindsay Parking Services 02/28/2023
McCluney, Kevin Bowling Green State University 08/31/2023
McClure, Cale Andrew WBGU-TV 04/30/2023
McConnell, Chloe CampusOperations 04/30/2023
McDonald, Brandon campus operations-grounds 08/31/2023
McGee, Juwaan Marketing and Brand Strategy 12/31/2022
McGinley, Tracy G Firelands/NSS/Criminal Justice 03/31/2023
McGraw, Brooke BGSU Firelands/Budget & Operations 11/30/2022
McGraw, Brooke G BGSU Firelands, Budget & Operations 11/30/2023
McGraw, Joseph Campus Ops 04/30/2023
McHugh, Connor Biological Sciences 07/31/2023
Mckindley, Mason grounds crew 02/28/2023
McLane, Austin Parking Services 08/31/2023
McNutt, Andrew orientation 08/31/2023
Menso, Margaret Biology 08/31/2023
Meredith, Natalie Chapman Learning Community 09/30/2023
Merritt, Christine Natalya 111900 (Geology) 04/30/2023
Messner, Lauren Michelle BGSU Department of Public Safety 09/30/2023
Midden, William Robert Chemistry 01/31/2023
Mierzejewski, Grant International Programs and Partnerships 06/30/2023
Miesmer, Darcy Marie Dining Services 10/31/2023
Miesmer, David ryan Campus operations 04/30/2023
Miller, Jacob N. Information Technology Services 09/30/2023
Miner, Jeffrey Gibson Biological Sciences 03/31/2023
Mitchell, Angela Rosalie Theatre and Film 08/31/2023
Miu, Hannah Elizabeth SEES 08/31/2023
Molnar, Ashley Parking Services 11/30/2022
Molnar, Zoe Rae PACS 4890 04/30/2023
Moore, Kayla Lanai Biology 10/31/2023
Moore, Paul A. Bowling Green State University 06/30/2023
Moran, Victoria Academic/Career Counseling Firelands 03/31/2023
Morningstar, Rebecca Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Morse, Benjamin Athletics 04/30/2023
Mrachko, Daniel Information Technology Services 08/31/2023
Mueller, Evelyn Sue Campus Operations 02/28/2023
Muller, Gabriella Audette Biological Sciences 05/31/2023
Muniz, Anthony WBGU-PBS 07/31/2023
Murphy, Michael Dean Football 11/30/2022
Murray, Meghan WBGU-TV 07/31/2023
Myers, Clay Dennis BGSU PD 08/31/2023
Myers, Laika Leanne Department of Theatre and Film 11/30/2022
Myers, Marcus Athletics 11/30/2023
Myers, Marcus Adam Athletics 11/30/2023
Nagarajan, Subhalakshmi Bowling Green State University - Firelands campus 11/30/2023
Nagel, David Erik Campus Ops 03/31/2023
Naugle, Lori Falcon Outfitters 05/31/2023
Nekoranec, Douglas Allen MEP 02/28/2023
Nemec, Zachary Allen SEES 08/31/2023
Nemire, Mark Robert Police 04/30/2023
Neudeck, Michelle Joan Biological Sciences 07/31/2023
Neves, Kevin J. Biological Sciences 08/31/2023
Newsom, Shayauna Elizabeth Center for Women and Gender Equity 03/31/2023
Nichols, Eric athletics - mens soccer 02/28/2023
Nieberding, Kristina Campus Ops 12/31/2022
O'Dell, Christopher Sean Campus Planning 09/30/2023
O'Donnell, Suzanne Marie Biological Sciences 04/30/2023
Obi, Kenechukwu Chukwuebuka SEES 03/31/2023
OConnell, Emily Elaine Parking Services 07/31/2023
Oettinger, Madison BGSU Department of Public Safety 08/31/2023
Ohalloran, Michael N. Parking Services 08/31/2023
Orwig, Frank W. Campus operations 07/31/2023
Osei, Nana Yaw SEES/BGSU 03/31/2023
Oswalt, Leila Chemistry Department 01/31/2023
Otiso, Kefa M. Global Village/SEES 08/31/2023
Pace, Kristina Fine Art Department 04/30/2023
Pack, Robert Lynn Budget and Operations Firelands 05/31/2023
Palmerton, William C. campus operation 04/30/2023
Palmieri, Anthony Rocco Athletics / Football Video 09/30/2023
Panas, Ludmyla Tatiana Firelands 07/31/2023
Panter, Kurt Samuel Bowling Green State University/SEES 02/28/2023
Paprocki, Nicolas Campus Operations 07/31/2023
Parsons, Shawn Phillip ITS 08/31/2023
Partin, Matthew L. Biology 11/30/2022
Partin, Matthew L. Biology 11/30/2023
Patterson, Erich William Campus Ops-Grounds 05/31/2023
Paul, Thomas USA Hockey/BG Hockey Camps 06/30/2023
Pavuk, Daniel Mark Biological Sciences 05/31/2023
Paxton, Gabrielle Diane Campus Planning 08/31/2023
Payne, Benjamin Clayton ITS 01/31/2023
Pearson, Tana BGSU Athletics 07/31/2023
Peeples, Bradley Campus Operations 02/28/2023
Peeples, Jeanette Campus Operations 02/28/2023
Perry, Karen K. Dining service 08/31/2023
Perry, Samuel Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Peterson, Clayton Grant School of Art 05/31/2023
Pfanner, Patrick BGSU Firelands Admissions 11/30/2022
Pfeiffer, Joseph Charles Grounds Maintenance 07/31/2023
Pheneger, Kelly Ann WBGU-TV 07/31/2023
Phillips, Lauren Nicole Parking Services 07/31/2023
Pietrasz, Ryan James WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Pitts, Thomas Leroy Maintenance 03/31/2023
Plath, Debra Einstein Bagels 08/31/2023
Pratt, Brittany SEES 11/30/2023
Price, Aidan Joseph ITS 08/31/2023
Proctor, Seraiah M. WBGU 01/31/2023
Puder, Carol Applied Sciences 08/31/2023
Pugsley, Benjamin Michael WBGU 09/30/2023
Puthoff, Claire Elizabeth Postal Services 09/30/2023
PUTSALA, VAMSI PRASAD Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Quisenberry, Zoe SEES 08/31/2023
Rader, Bruce D. ITS 08/31/2023
Rainey, Leonardo D. Campus Operations/ Heat plant 09/30/2023
Rainey-Smithback, Sarah Anne School of Cultural and Critical Studies 11/30/2023
Rancier, Megan Margrey BGSU Music Learning Community 11/30/2022
Rave, Nestor BGSU Firelands Library 12/31/2022
Ravichandran, Swathi Bowling Green State University 07/31/2023
Recker, Brayden Logistics 10/31/2023
Reitzel, David John Campus Opperations 02/28/2023
Retcher, Michael J. Athletics 08/31/2023
Reyes, Israel Elias Campus Operations 07/31/2023
Reynolds, Susan Kay BGSU Dining 06/30/2023
Rice, David Michael Nontraditional and Military Student Services 09/30/2023
Richardson, Samuel Victor Computer Art Club 09/30/2023
Richter, Sarah Renee WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Ricketts, Gordon Charles School of Art, Emritus 04/30/2023
Roach, David Michael Biology 03/31/2023
Robert, Swank ITS 10/31/2023
Roberts, Sheila Jo Arts & Sciences 09/30/2023
Roby, Mason campus operations-grounds 08/31/2023
Roehl, Cameron Campus OPs 12/31/2022
Roland, Evan Thomas ITS Networking 02/28/2023
Roldan, Richard BGSU Dining Services 07/31/2023
Rood, Mathilda M. Postal Services 10/31/2023
Rooney, Kelli Alyssa SEES 08/31/2023
Rosa, Aaron Joseph Center of Fine Arts 05/31/2023
Rosenberger, Grace Campus Services 05/31/2023
Rosselet, Paige Nicole WBGU-TV 01/31/2023
Rosser, Virginia Jane Civic Engagement 05/31/2023
Rozelle, Austin BGSU Dining 03/31/2023
Rumbach, Mica Biology Department 09/30/2023
Rupert, Erin Campus Operations 07/31/2023
Rush, Amanda Marie BGSU Dining 11/30/2022
Rutter, Thomas EHS/Risk Managment 09/30/2023
Sabo, Kiley Nichole Information Technology Services 02/28/2023
Salazar-Valentine, Marcia Bowling Green State University 09/30/2023
Sample, Kelvin Campus Ops 11/30/2022
Sams, Barry BGSU Dining 11/30/2022
Sanderson, Andre Campus Ops 04/30/2023
Sanford, Zachary Campus Ops 01/31/2023
Savitt, Phil Dining Services 09/30/2023
Schemenauer, Frank A. biological sciences BGSU 08/31/2023
Schinsky, Steven Brian BGSU/Dining 10/31/2023
Schmidt, Nicole BGSU Dining Marketing 07/31/2023
Schritz, Erin SEES 08/31/2023
Schuck, Raymond Ignatius Department of Humanities/BGSU Firelands 10/31/2023
Schwamberger, Michele Office of Residence Life 03/31/2023
Schwochow, Nicholas Lee BGSU Outdoor Program 01/31/2023
Segura Barron, Santiago Alonso Athletics-Sports Medicine 06/30/2023
Sentel, Zachary ITS 11/30/2022
Serfozo, Lois Kay BGSU Dining 03/31/2023
Shanahan, Benjamyn Patrick Falcon Outfitters 02/28/2023
Shaner, Stephen Police Department 08/31/2023
Shaner, Tyler Campus Operations 10/31/2023
Shank, Angela Marie Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Shaw, Robert Drew Custodian 05/31/2023
Shaya, Toby J. Biology 04/30/2023
Sheck, Patrick Michael BGSU Dining Marketing 10/31/2023
Shepard, Mary Beth office of the president 08/31/2023
Shipley, Haley Elizabeth Campus Operations-grounds dept. 04/30/2023
Short, Caleb Anderson BGSU Biological Sciences 01/31/2023
SICKLER, BRADLEY D. University Libraries 10/31/2023
Signorino, Maria Grazia SEES 08/31/2023
Signorino , Maria Grazia Office of Campus Sustainability 02/28/2023
simmons, charles russel paint shop 10/31/2023
Simms, Chase Club Sports 06/30/2023
Simon, Tina WBGU-PBS 09/30/2023
Simons, Anita F. Campus Operations 01/31/2023
Sindlinger, Hali Nichole ¿ICA ¿ Sports Medicine¿ 08/31/2023
Sizer, Rachel Frances Ann BGAB C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadersh 02/28/2023
Smith, Madeline Elizabeth SEES 08/31/2023
Smith, Madison Lynn Chemistry 08/31/2023
Smith, Parker BGSU Department of Public Safety 09/30/2023
Smith, Sara Nicole BGSU- International Programs & Partnerships 04/30/2023
Smith, Sheryl BGSU Firelands 07/31/2023
Snelling, Louis Raymond Athletics 01/31/2023
Snyder, Jeffrey SEES 08/31/2023
Snyder, Kacee Ferrell CWGE / CVPE 09/30/2023
Snyder, Lacie Ann Postal Services 01/31/2023
Snyder-Carpenter, Jessica Kiley campus operations 03/31/2023
Solis, Alex D. Office of the President 11/30/2023
Solis, Alex Dominic Office of the President 11/30/2022
Soto Lopez, Carlos Daniel SEES 09/30/2023
Sparks, Nicholas Grant ITS 02/28/2023
Spiller, Kiana Lynn WBGU 04/30/2023
St. Louis, Matthew J. Athletics 12/31/2022
Stanton, Trey BGSU Dining Marketing 09/30/2023
Stanton, Trey Matthew BGSU Dining 01/31/2023
Stethem, Samuel Campus Ops 04/30/2023
Stokes, Charise TRIO Programs 04/30/2023
Stone, Matthew Gene Campus Services 04/30/2023
Stuckman, Grady Edward Campus Operations 05/31/2023
Swank, Robert Cole Information Technology Services 10/31/2023
Swartz, Lauren Catherine SEES 08/31/2023
Swartz, Mallory Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Swartz, Teresa K. Campus Operations 08/31/2023
Switaj, William J. Club Sports 06/30/2023
Swoap, Suzanne police department 09/30/2023
Symonds, Andrew Michael BGSU ITS 03/31/2023
Syrus, Hannah Jo Parking Services 02/28/2023
Tatham, Allen Campus Operations 08/31/2023
Teepen, Sean Athletics 01/31/2023
Telles, Lois Campus Operations/Custodial 08/31/2023
Terry, Ina Marie SEES-Geology 09/30/2023
Tetley, John WBGU-PBS 11/30/2023
Tetley, John Michael WBGU-TV 11/30/2022
Tetrault, Lillian Jean Parking services 07/31/2023
Thatcher, Julia Kiann Recreation and Wellness 06/30/2023
Thieding, Keaton Anthony Grounds 01/31/2023
Thomas, Mickaylla Sue Cartering 06/30/2023
Thompson, Michael Allen ITS 03/31/2023
Thompson, Olivia Grace Amos Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Tinney, Clayton Talbot campus operations-grounds department 05/31/2023
Todd, Jacob WBGU-TV 12/31/2022
Tolbert, Sandra L. Campus Operations 08/31/2023
Tomic, Danijela BGSU Volleyball 03/31/2023
Tomsic, Maxton Alexander WBGU-TV 05/31/2023
Torres, Sylvia Marie WBGU-PBS TV Station 09/30/2023
Toth, Chris ITS 08/31/2023
Toth, Mary Patricia Chemistry 06/30/2023
Troxell, Gretchen Grounds 10/31/2023
Trumbull, Brandon Chemistry Stockroom 01/31/2023
Turner, Ryan jeffrey WBGU-TV 11/30/2022
Tuttle, Cari Elizabeth WBGU-PBS 07/31/2023
Uhrig, Sarah Campus Operations 11/30/2023
Utsler-Smith, Heather Challes Department of Theatre and Film 09/30/2023
Van Tatenhove, Megan Athletics 02/28/2023
Vancauwenbergh, Derek wbgu-tv 01/31/2023
Vance, Thomas J. Campus Operations 09/30/2023
VanDenEynde, Sarah Lynn Postal/ Printing Services 03/31/2023
Vanderbeke, Marianne Bowling Green State U - School of Communication 07/31/2023
VanTress, Jeremy R. Business Operations 11/30/2023
VanTress, Jeremy R. Postal Services 11/30/2022
Varner, Paige Marie BGSU Dining 06/30/2023
Vazquez Ortega, Angelica SEES 01/31/2023
Veerapaneni, Ram Satish Bowling Green State University- Firelands College 07/31/2023
Vert, Wesley Scott WBGU-TV 04/30/2023
Vicars, Derrick Track - Womens 01/31/2023
Voss, Dennis BGSU 02/28/2023
Wagner, Kelsey Ray SEES 08/31/2023
Wagner, Madison Joy BGSU Biology 10/31/2023
Wagner, Ryan Scott Biology 07/31/2023
Wahl, Sharyl Academic and Career Counseling 11/30/2022
Wahl, Sharyl Office of the Dean 11/30/2023
Walker, James M. Athletics 04/30/2023
Walker, Jennifer Admissions/Firelands 12/31/2022
Walker, Paul Athletics 10/31/2023
Walliser, John F. Campus Operations 04/30/2023
Walls, Stephanie Mora Natural and Social Sciences 12/31/2022
Walters, Brandon Matthew WBGU-PBS 07/31/2023
Walty, Kaylee SEES 11/30/2023
Ward, Christopher Spencer F Biology 01/31/2023
Warman, Ewen Michael ITS 10/31/2023
Warner, Chad Postal Services 01/31/2023
Warner, Noah Jackson ITS 02/28/2023
Warnke, Jacob David Athletics - Equipment 08/31/2023
Wegner, Samuel Richard WBGU-TV 05/31/2023
Weinberger, Margaret J. Sociology 01/31/2023
Wellman, Mackenzi Athletics 11/30/2023
Wellman, Mackenzi Sports Medicine 08/31/2023
Wesney, Trishelle BGSU Dining Services 03/31/2023
Weymer, Sean Howard Campus Operations 09/30/2023
White, Brian Athletics 04/30/2023
White, Kaden Dyrell BGSU Department of public safety 09/30/2023
White, Micah John College of Musical Arts 09/30/2023
Whitehurst II, Robert N. Athletics/Sports Medicine 08/31/2023
Widner, Mahlea Ann-Phyllis Educators in Context and Community 03/31/2023
Wiechman, Sandra L. Recreation and Wellness 06/30/2023
Wildschutte, Hans Karl Biological Sciences 03/31/2023
Willcox, Kyle Lee Parking Services 08/31/2023
Williams, Blaine Patrick WBGU-TV 02/28/2023
Williams, Caileen R. Biological Sciences 03/31/2023
Willis, Cameron Tyler THFM 10/31/2023
Wilson, Alyson K. BGSU Firelands 04/30/2023
Wilt, Lori Annette WBGU-PBS 03/31/2023
Wimmer, Edward Enhart maintenance/grounds 07/31/2023
Winstead, William Clifton BGSU Parking 01/31/2023
Winters, Michael Charles Grounds Dept 06/30/2023
Witzler, Leann Postal Services 06/30/2023
Wojtczack, Sierra Edma Campus Operations 05/31/2023
Wolford, Paige Ann Campus Operations 05/31/2023
Wolfrum, Dennis Campus Operation 04/30/2023
Woods, Christopher Maintainance 07/31/2023
Wourms, Alexander James Postal Services 09/30/2023
Wrice, David William Maintenance 12/31/2022
Wright, Hailey N. Theatre and Film 08/31/2023
Wurth, Paige SEES 08/31/2023
Wyman, Josephine Ann Parking Services 09/30/2023
Yacobucci, Margaret Mary School of Earth, Environment & Society 09/30/2023
Yates, Melissa Biol 4750 01/31/2023
Young, Ian Bowling Green State University 11/30/2023
Young, Ian A. Philosophy Department 11/30/2022
Young, Spencer M. Biological Science 11/30/2022
Zachel, Miller Club Sports 09/30/2023
Zachrich, Jonathan David BGSU Dining 09/30/2023
Zale, Olivia Star Parking Services 08/31/2023
Zuniga, Gregory I. Swim and dive 02/28/2023